Death is the end of what most people refer to as life, which is our existence as this individual in this world. Death is an annihilation of this individual physically, mentally, and spiritually into its separated intersectional parts, and it is also the transformation of those parts into new things. Because of this, death is like a mirror of coming into life where all of these pieces come together to make us, our skaknao ona. Life is a coming together of multiple aspects of existence, and death is the separation out or the return to dust. Death is not the end of existence, as nothing can drop out of the closed system of existence. Death is not good nor bad and is neutral like everything else though most individuals strive towards living.

We see less life and death and more being and becoming as constructs and entities exist, and get transformed throughout the many different facets of their beings. An infinite amount of forms holding their individualistic and intersectional aspects of being at many different times and places while living through a more general temporal path. Being brought together through life, and being ripped apart in death, and then being brought together in a different way. All well-being eternal, infinite, and meaningless except to those who look upon it with their own meaning.

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