Outside of the Xalaqa their is nothingness. Something that cannot be defined for it has no being, and no properties. A concept that cannot be imagined, and is outside of our scope, and is not present in any form with in Oxakna. This is absolute nothingness that does not exist outside of existence. For it is not divine, for it is not anything. Outside of Oxakna there is absolute nothingness, but the true void which is referred to as Skaknayaack, it is not space, nor color, nor darkness, and is in the nowhere where Oxakna is not. Skaknayaack cannot be experienced, and it cannot be defined. Skaknayaack is incomprehensible to the mind, because it is non-existent, and even its name, and being here is an illusion of what it actually is. From considering this there can be no such things as coming into being, passing out of being, or not being as for Skaknayaack cannot be reached as it does not be.

It is the divine nature of the world that creates order out of chaos and harmony out of disharmony. All our lives are interconnected, and it is up to each individual to decide how they want to live their life. It is also up to yourself as an individual to walk through your life as smoothly as possible by following the divine nature, and order of the existence. If we don’t understand ourselves and our own nature, we can’t know where we’re going and how to walk the path. We can only walk as far as we know ourselves, because it is our divinity which knows the flow of destiny and fate.

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