Within this understanding, when death occurs, it fragments you through its annihilation; your Body, Mind, and Spirit are thrown to the wind simultaneously, and all begin to entropy. There is no afterlife for the individual, but rather a separation out of themselves which passes on their essence, reformed into new aspects of Oxakna. You are still you but just separated as you slowly begin to merge back into the whole of Oxakna, where you will rejoin the rest of yourself, the Divine Oxakna. After you rejoin with the whole of Oxakna, the process of reincarnation can then begin, which acts as a process of recycling and transformation for the existence as it stretches on. Giving back form to the pieces. Individuals can be reincarnated into any form of construct or entity even non-human animals and objects. The identity of things changes continuously as time flows . and as a Oxakna playing plays as different roles throughout all of existence.

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