The talaba is the path in which an individual harmoniously walks. It is your role in this life in which you play. It is more like a role of a character in a play, and because of that it is the will in which you exert on the rest of the existence. It can also be seen as a role that you have chosen for yourself in the past or will choose in the future. The main takeaway here is that your Divinity knows all paths and ways, so you should always listen to its guidance. The Divine will always know what’s best for you because it has full knowledge of your life and everything else around you.

To live your life in harmony, understanding where your talaba lies will be your first step. Doing so will help you navigate through this tumultuous world with ease and grace while living according to your true self.

The Talaba is not absolute. There’s not one path that everyone must follow. For some, being a successful doctor in a wealthy country may be their talaba in this life, while another person may have the talaba to live in poverty and sacrifice for their family back home. Our talaba may change over time with what we learn, who we meet, and where we are living at the moment.
Following the talaba will feel harmonious. This does not mean easy, but it much rather means in line with oneself, and your divinity. As we are all unique people everyone’s talaba will be unique. You can only walk your talaba to the extent that you know yourself, because it is your Divinity that knows the flow of the existence and can allow you to act in harmony with it. This is the path in which an individual walks. The talaba is the role of what you are given at birth and your role in this life; it may be to be a mother, a father, a friend, or an accomplice. The talaba will help you live as you were meant to live and how you should live.

There are many ways for someone’s life’s path to unfold. This means that for you to walk your talaba, you need to know yourself and be true to yourself. When we do this, we become more in tune with our divine nature and therefore more attuned with the existence.

The talaba is not predetermined, it occurs through your activities and choices. The talaba is not something that happens to you or happens by chance; it is something that you are deeply involved with every day of your life the process of making decisions about what you want to do with your time on earth.

It is something that is hard to understand conceptually and it must be felt within the inner divine nature of individual so that they are able to walk with it.

The way of harmony leads us to walk with our talaba to the best of our ability and to be the role we were born to play with in the world. a character that is part of the greater whole and is a unique expression of existence within this place and time. The individualisticness of the talaba is the reason why the ethics are written in the way in which they are, so that you are able to be you, and strive to be the strongest form of that you you can be.

All too often, we live our lives outside of the talaba. We don’t live our lives with harmony. We are constantly throwing off the balance that was originally there. However, we can choose to walk back into the Talaba, and start living a life that’s aligned with what we want and what we’re good at and where we feel like we can make an impact. We all have a divine nature and we should be aware of how we can best use that divine nature to serve ourselves, our families and our communities in this life.

The talaba is existential and not Essential it is the flow of being and becoming that an individual finds themselves on and is the path in which a character follows through the course of their being. The path of your talaba is not set in stone in changes and shifts as time and space does.

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