The yamasa ona are the deities of Viadescioism. There are 10 main yamasa ona, and there are an infinite number of minor yamasa ona. The yamasa ona are divine archetypal personifications of specific aspects of nature, and existence, and are based off of the understandings in which the symbol of the xalaqa gives us. Nature being the basic or inherent features of the world, and Existence being everything that is in some form or regard of being. All aspects of nature, and existence are divine, but we choose to separate them into different divine forms in order to understand them better. Because of this all of existence, nature, and divinity is neutral, and are not benevolent or malevolent, and simply are.

Oxakna, and the other yamasa ona are not transcendent meaning they are not outside of the world, but they are present within it as aspects, and being within all things.

The Forms of Yamasa Ona:

The yamasa ona exist within three states these are the avatar state, communal state, and force state.

The avatar state is one where the yamasa ona has a focused conduit in order to interact with the world more personally. These are manifestations which have dominion over their entire essence, and it acts as a hub bringing forth all of the essence to one place. There are able to be multiple different avatar states at one time, all being a part of the same yamasa ona. These entities are usually found within conduits, or places of power that are connected to a specific yamasa.

The communal state is a state where multiple entities are parts of the essence of the divinity. They are connected to the whole of the yamasa ona, but are simply a part of it, and do not have access to the whole of it. This is also where masakna ona, and samakna ona come from acting as entities that are connected to the divine, and representing them. These entities are present wherever the force of the yamasa ona are present.

The force state is the power in which the divine is over, and represents. It is the inherent nature of the divine and is there power, and essence. It acts as the base being of the divinity in the world, and is there non personal nature.

Gender, and the yamasa ona:

The yamasa ona are not concrete entities, but are instead immutable forms which are ever-changing in the way we perceive them. Because of this they do not have simply a concrete form, or any form of gender. Their gender seems to be fluid, and flux, and constantly change in form, and intensity from emanation to emanation, and are not able to be tied down, due to the fact that they embody none of it, and all of it all at the same time.

Hierarchy of the yamasa Ona:

There are primarily different rankings for the yamasa ona these are Monad, Dyad, Triad, Tetrad, pure minor, and unity minor. All of the yamasa ona that are in the rank of tetrad, and minor are made up of different entities, constructs, and kna, which represent that aspect of existence. The parts of the yamasa ona of the tetrad are masakna, and the parts of the minor yamasa ona are samakan. The anthropomorphic nature of the yamasa ona changes as you lower in rank. Oxakna the supreme godhead is practically silent, and is more so experienced through their emanations. The farther you go down the rankings the more personal the yamasa ona become. As long as the aspect of the yamasa Ona is present it will be present as well, and because of that all of the main divines are ever-present though only the first main one is all knowing.

Deifying the yamasa ona:

Any form of entity, or construct has the potential to live up to their own personal divinity, and be considered a unity minor yamasa. They do not need to go through any form of transformation in order to become this all they must do is have their divinity you recognized by themselves, or another in order for them to be deified. It is through the recognizing of the divine spark within us that makes us divine. Everything is an aspect of Oxakna which allows us all to be god-like, if we can become open to it. Because of all of this godhood is not something that has to be reached, as much as it is something to become aware of in all things, and is already inherently present in everything as long as a form of being decides to become aware of it. Though this entity may be recognized as divine this does not mean that they have high amounts of power, or knowledge, and also does not mean they have reached their own apotheosis, or enlightenment for they have, or someone else has simply recognize that they too are divine. We are all divine in our own right, as we are all aspects of Oxakna, and are emanations of their beauty.

The origin of the yamasa ona:

The yamasa ona were first discovered by the Wolf of Antimony through their process of meditation, and reasoning. They were looking for a form of deity in which they could feel connected to, but none of the other deities from any other form of practice would suffice. It wasn’t until they took a long look at nature, and its beauty until they discovered some underlying patterns in the understandings in which they were taught. They grew connected to the understandings of the monad, yin yang, the trinity, and elements, but it wasn’t until they came in contact with the understandings of the xalaqa until everything came together, and the understanding of the yamasa ona was born. The yamasa ona were discovered meaning they existed before the wolf of antimony found them.

Yamasa Ona and belief:

You do not need to believe in the yamasa Ona for them to be a force in the existence for they are not just spiritual, or mental, or physical, and are all of them at the same time. More like an overarching concept that can be seen within different parts of the existence, in which we have given a specific name to so that we can focus upon it more strongly. Because of this anywhere in which there is existence there will be the aspects of the yamasa, and are inherent even without belief. They are a part of existence much like roundness, and will continue to exist as long as there is an existence which there will always be.

Working with the Yamasa Ona:

The yamasa ona are not worshipped, they are worked with, and are simply a part of existence in which individuals choose to connect to, and see as divine. Their divinity is present in everything in which is connected to their aspects. They flow through us like a river culminating in parts of us, and within different forms of actions we take. Connecting with them is connecting with parts of existence, but as we are all a part of existence we are connected to them already, we are just not aware of them as would be preferred, and by simply going through our motions of mundane life we interact, connect, and disconnect with them throughout all of it without being aware of it. Working with them makes this process voluntary instead of involuntary, and allows us to have more control over the existence as we move through it, which begins the basis of Viadescioic magick. Any of the yamasa Ona can be called by using their sigil, or by calling out their name. This will bring the essence of the Divine to you, so you will be able to work with it. Every time a place is used to connect with the yamasa it is infused with the essence of the gathered divine. Because of this individuals could use specific conduits regularly to ensure they benefit from the infused kna.

We would recommend taking time each day to connect with the divine, whether it’s in the morning, at lunchtime, or before bed. We would also recommend using a prayer, meditation, or chant to connect with your divine nature and cultivate peace and well-being.

The Yamasa are an Intrinsic Part of Existence:

In Viadescioism, the divines do not rely on a spiritual aspect of existence to continue being a thing. The Yamasa are an intrinsic part of existence, much like roundness, and will continue to exist as long as there is an existence which there will always be. This continuous existence and the fact that they are fundamental to every part of existence is where the fundamentals of their divinity lie. Oxakna, the main divinity is existence itself emanating down into different forms and because of this are present within all things physically, mentally, and spiritually. They can be seen within this world and even fictional and metaphorical ones. It is all-encompassing, and the Divine can be seen in every aspect of the world. Viadescioism is pantheistic and animistic, and every individual is divine and connected. It is this existence in which we honor and work within Viadescioism to be and become our best selves, as we are Oxakna.

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