Virtuous beings that have not connected to their Xaoxa are the Vaarla. They are wise, but they lack the virtue of Xaoxa. For the most part vaarla ona are aware of this deficiency, and they strive to improve themselves by connecting with their divinity. Vaarla is a term for living beings who are both knowledgeable and virtuous and are the teachers of such things.

These individuals are wise because they have amassed experience of the world for years. They are virtuous because they embody virtuous qualities that make them deserving of respect. They are reflective because they pause to contemplate before answering a question or making an important decision. A vaarla is often portrayed as a person who can provide insightful advice, and wisdom to those seeking it. It is also someone who has the ability to change the world through their ideas and insight. These individuals can be knowledgeable in certain fields, but may not be good at all subjects. It’s important to note that vaarla are not just the virtuous among us, but also those who stand as someone to emulate in order to become virtuous.

A vaarla is someone that has reached a place in life where they learn from their mistakes and want to help others avoid them. They are reflective about what they have learned and want to share it with others because they have been where others are trying to go. A vaarla can be seen as someone who has been transformed from their experience in life.

Vaarla ona change their forms, but the wisdom within remains. Throughout all of existence one will find vaarla one can learn from, some who are willing to teach, and others that you will be able to learn from the actions of. They can be from any profession, nationality, or any other status. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and professions. You can find vaarla in the people who walk among you, in the stories that you tell, and hear, and in discoveries that await exploration. Vaarla is always there for you to learn from, some willing to teach and others that will teach without your asking. The transformation of understanding comes through learning from vaarla, we must strive to be reflective of their knowledge. It is said that every creature has some wisdom to impart, some are willing to teach, and others will teach you whether you want them to or not. If you spend enough time observing vaarla, you will find yourself changed by it.

These virtuous beings can be learned from and can help individuals to come in line with Xaoxa, even though they have not reached that place themselves. These individuals will have a Keener sense for the flows, and patterns in nature and we’ll be able to help point you in the right direction where your path is taking you. Vaarla usually have great power because all of their knowledge gives them greater control over different aspects of life, and the rest of the existence. In some form away all people are teachers that bring one closer to understanding the transcendent force of Oxakna, but it is the Vaarla Ona that greatly understand their own talaba.

Vaarla Ona are the ones that we should all strive to emulate in our lives as we move towards the virtues.

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