During death, upon the annihilation of a skaknao, the aspects of the skaknao is broken and split off and then reassembled as part of different skaknao ona within the process of reincarnation. This reassembling is known as rekindling and is a process that happens during necromancy and during the more natural form of echo creation.

Reincarnation happens immediately in the understanding of Viadescioism, and there is no downtime in between incarnation to incarnation. Every skaknao can still be contacted after death because practitioners can reassemble specific parts of the aspects of the skaknao that has been annihilated, allowing them to reconnect to that entity. It works much like how the understanding of echos works, except the process is not started by the individual but instead started from an outside source. There is no amount of time after death you have to wait in order to begin the process of necromancy.

Any entity known about can be rekindled. To do this, the practitioner must bring back together the mind, body, and spirit of the skaknao who has been annihilated. Rekindled skaknao ona that have not been annihilated or never existed will lead to the creation of skaqa ona from the aspects of another individual. The process of rekindling does not stop an individual from reincarnating but will provide a means by which to communicate with the essence of that incarnation. Individuals can use this as a form of divination as you will be able to communicate with that annihilated skaknao ona or could work with them to help you bring forth your will.

Bringing back the body:
As the body has been destroyed, which probably led to death in the first place, The practitioner can bind the Mind and Spirit of the skaknao within a physical object to keep it around and so it does not return back to its annihilated state.

Bringing back the mind:
To bring back the mind, we must construct a mental projection of who we are trying to bring back, and we must visualize this quite strongly to give that mental being form.

Bringing back the spirit:
To bring back the spirit, we must find things in which you are connected to the incarnation of this entity so that aspects of their essence can be called back during the ritual.

Once all I’ve been done and combined the form can be communicated with.

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