“Xalaqa show us the shapes of existence,
As it flows.
Show us the Divinitys
show us the virtues
Show us the teachings we have gathered.
In their natures.
From them springs fourth the well of all creation.
For they exist beyond us.
With all of us.
Divinity in its purest form.
Expressed by many.
Their essence cannot be known through site, or word alone.”

Xalaqa, The Shape of Existence:

Divinity is portrayed through the shape of xalaqa, the triangle of 10 points that communicates existence through its geometry. Xalaqa is also known as the tetractys, and is what allowed the wolf of antimony to discover the divines, and because of that, it is one of the main symbols of Viadescioism as it inspires their forms. It is a pyramid of emanation, an equilateral triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows. The xalaqa is a reality map that can be used to understand more about existence through the connection, and relativity of the points, or emanations that makeup it. A reality map being some form of symbol that helps to explain the metaphysics, or being of the world through the understanding of its symbolism.

The shape of xalaqa has 10 points, 4 levels, 3 areas, and 18 paths. The top point is the monad. The two points beneath the monad are the dyad. The three points beneath the dyad are the triad. The four points beneath the triad are the tetrad. And, from the tetrad, all things are made. The xalaqa is a combination of the monistic understanding of the source, the dualistic system of the metaphysical duality, the triadic system of the three principles of mind, body, and spirit, and the tetradic system of the 4 western classic elements. All of the points of the xalaqa add up to ten, which corresponds to unity, completion, and the higher order, and makes the paradigm a decadistic system.

This shape gives rise to a lot of the understandings in Viadescioism, and is the main reason why the practice is greatly connected with the number 10. The xalaqa honors the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10 for their power, and understandings associated with the divines, and the whole of existence.

Monistic, The One:

This is the first point of divinity where all other emanations are created from. It represents all the raw power of being, while also acting as a divine essence of everything. This is the point that shows the divine Essence of Oxakna, which is the first point and the whole of existence. It represents all the raw power of being, while also acting as a divine essence of everything.

Dualistic, The Two:

The dualistic row of the tetractys is the first separation of the whole, and the beginning of motion. Where two forces of the whole push against each other changing, creating, and destroying as they do so. One becoming the other, and dancing with each other throughout all time. The first polarity, contextual and relevant to where you perceive it from. A line in the existence which gives to us black and white, and all the shades of grey.

Triadistic, The Three:

The triadistic row of the tetractys separates out the states of being, and the canvases in which the universe will be painted upon. It is the world of forms not in the platonic sense, but separate worlds separated out from the existence in which other things can rest upon.

Tetradistic, The Four:

The tetradistic row of the tetractys is the separation of the core aspects of existence mostly being elements, and qualities that make up everything, and put the rest of existence into being. These are the building blocks of existence, and they act as the paint that is used upon the three canvases of the triadistic, giving the forms of things through their combinations.

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