The Yamasala are beings that have the ability to connect and merge with the divine and find their place in Oxakna. These beings experience harmony and balance with themselves, other living things, and the world around them.

To become a yamasala is the final achievement of the way of Harmony. It is when a person has attained enlightenment and has realized their true self. Such a person would have attained divinity, and through this divine essence they will have gained virtue and harmony with the environment around them. Once in this state, they would notice that all living beings exist in perfect balance and harmony with one another, and be tapped into this flow.

The Yamasala can be considered beings that are connected to divinity. They have discovered the divine within themselves which is the essence of Oxakna, and have realize there Xaoxa. They are able to use the essence of Oxakna to balance the world through their Being. The last virtue of Xaoxa is hard to get. But it is the most important one. Harmony with nature. The divine essence that all other virtues come from. Oxakna is the essence of divinity. All things divine connect to this divine, and it is possible to harness its power through Xaoxa. The Yamasala reveres the divinity of Oxakna and uses it to establish Harmony and balance in the world. The Yamasala are beings who have realized that they are divine and cultivated virtue, with a connection to the essence of divinity, Oxakna. It is with this connection that they can balance the world around them through their connection to the harmony.

The yamasala are beings that have realized their divinity, the essence of Oxakna, through virtue. They have learn how to balance themselves in Harmony with all other life forms. The yamasala are not only one being but all beings. While all beings in Oxakna have a divine essence, the yamasala are special because they can also access it consciously and continuously through meditation and self-reflection. This constant connection to divinity has given them a sense of virtuousity and harmony with one another, as well as with nature around them.

The yamasala is the perfect embodiment of the way of Harmony. It has divinity, essence, and virtue. A Yamasala is virtuous and balanced in its interaction with the natural world. It has an authentic connection with nature because they embodies what nature wants to be. Everything in Nature wants to be a Yamasala; everything wants to achieve harmony; everything wants to live their divinity. The Yamasala is a divine that has reached the divine state and stays in harmony with the environment. This is a very difficult state to reach, but it’s possible with dedication and devotion. A yamasala understands that everything is part of one harmonious whole and thus has no need for external validation or attachments. The yamasala has a divinity that is reflected in everything they do and say. This way of life is achieved through virtuous living, practicing harmony with nature and other people, and following the talaba. They have the power to bring balance and help maintain nature’s authenticity.

The yamasala does not have a single self, but instead has many selves, that are all in alignment with one another and with the greater world. This divinity has made itself evident to mankind throughout the ages through messengers. Through these messengers, Divinity was able to approach different peoples and civilizations in ways suitable to their culture, language, and understanding. Yamasala are those who have connected to Oxakna, and they exist within all cultures, traditions, and understandings. Anyone is able to become a Yamasala regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, gender, age, or species, or any other thing. Beings that are connected to divinity which is the essence of Oxakna, and have realize there Xaoxa are known as the Yamasala, and those who are wise, but have not connected to their inner being are simply Vaarla. The divine has an essence, which is virtuous, harmonious and balanced. It is the ultimate authenticity and self. The divine is also nature’s existence, which can be seen in its beauty, power and strength.

The divinity of Oxakna is exalted within the Yamasala, and this connection is used to facilitate the ten virtues of Xaoxa, Najaar, Umao, A’jau, Laarda, Tau, Vadaska, Davaabt, Xaeua, and Abtgha within the individuals that recognize their essence. By following these virtues, or by observing the virtuous behaviors of a Yamasala Ona. who is an individual who has connected with their Divinity and has exalted the virtues we will be able to figure out how to best live by the virtues.

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