Absorbing kna can be a very useful kna technique that will be able to help you in your craft by allowing you to take kna from many different sources, so that you can use that kna. This process will allow you to target a construct that you desire, and pull in its kna, so that you will be able to use it to empower yourself, and to continue to keep yourself energized. Once taken into your being it will be yours to do with, and we’ll be able to be used in any way that you see fit. This technique is also helpful at keeping at bay kna burnout, because it allows you to recharge from other objects around you through the act of taking their kna into you. Absorbing kna makes things that seem other than you part of you, so that that kna can be used from your vantage point.

Absorbing Kna Steps:

1) Before you do this process you are going to want to center, ground, and call down like every other form of kna technique.

2) The first thing that you are going to need to find is some form of construct, or entity that you wish to take the kna of. This should be a form of kna that you wish to take into you, that you believe will not cause you any negative problems by taking it into your being. Constructs that are good for this are things such as crystals, and herbs, because they usually hold very helpful kna that can be absorbed into you without causing problems.

3) Next you are going to want to hold your hand next to, or pointed at the construct. Absorbing kna can also be done at a distance, or can be done by resting your hand upon the construct. Once your hand is in a proper comfortable position you will be then able to go on to the next step.

4) Now we are going to start the process of absorbing kna by visualizing the kna of the object flowing upper arm, and into the rest of our body. By visualizing this we will be sending out an intention that will allow are desire to manifest, and control the kna to move. Keep in this focusing state for a while, so that the kna can have enough time to work its way up your arm, and into your body allowing it to be completely absorbed. Once you feel more energized or that you have accomplished, and absorbed what you need to you can cut off the connection at any time by breaking away your focus, and removing your arm.

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