The viadescioic daknaca is a physical sacred space making ritual in which a viadescioist sets up Sacred Space by placing rocks around themself in a circle. In this ritual 10 Stones are used to represent the ten divines, and 10 virtues of Viadescioism, and are placed in a circle along with other stones in which represents other aspects of an individual’s practice, and divinity. Any number above 10 stones can be used to make a circle. These other Stones can represent practices, philosophies, entities, and other forms of things that the individual will be connected to, and would want to bring into that space.

In order to set up a circle simply begin placing the stones on the ground one by one while saying the name of what the Stones represent. These stones can be laid down in any order. Then stand in middle of the circle trace the outline of the circle with your index, and middle finger, and while you do this say the word “Xabala” meaning “Circle”. This will go through the process of connecting two stones together using them as nodes in order to form the circle made out of Kna.

Once you’re done with the stone circle place your hand down in the circle, and say “Va” meaning “release”. This will go through the process of releasing the Kna from the stone circle returning the area back to the mundane. From here you can begin picking up the stones. It would be a good idea to thank them as you pick them up though this is not necessary, but it will show respect to the yamasa ona, and will help you to stand within their favor.

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