Grounding is a technique in which you connect yourself to the earth’s kna, so that you can become balanced, and refreshed, while also being grounded in this physical place. When you are grounded you are connected to the earth, and you can call upon its kna in order to charger being with kna to help you, and your craft. When you are connected to the earth it also allows you to get rid of your negative kna by allowing you to push it into the earth, so that it can be transmuted back into positive kna. This process does not hurt the earth, and is a natural process. Grounding is usually done right after centering, and is done along with centering at the beginning of rituals, spells, and other techniques. Grounding is a very important, and fundamental part of magick, because of its ability to allow you to take an kna to empower yourself, and the magickal acts that you are performing.

How to ground:

1) What you will need to do first is to stand, sit, or lay in a comfortable position. After you find that position then you will need to close your eyes.

2) At this point you are going to need to center, so that the grounding process can begin.

3) Once you are centered focus upon the kna that you have centered in the center of your body. See the kna begin to stretch out like roots of a tree digging deep into the ground. Deeper, and deeper until it reaches the core of the Earth. Then in your mind’s eye see the roots wrap around the earth’s core. Intent for this to happen, and visualize it happening within your mind as strongly as you are able to. When these roots become secure grounded, and will be connected to the earth, and the physical plane.

4) Stay with this feeling as long as you would like, and once you are done all you have to do is open your eyes, and go along with your day knowing that you will be grounded.

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