Invisible magick is not magick that turns somebody invisible, or makes it so they cannot be seen. Invisible magick goes to the process of making it so that you do not attract attention to yourself, and because of that can stay hidden. Invisible magick works on the understanding of kna volume, so that it can be lowered to a point in which other entities will not be able to pick up on it, allowing you to sort of blend into the background, and disappear from spiritual senses. This could be useful if you were going into an environment, or playing a game that you did not want to be noticed in. You would be able to lower the kna volume, so that you would be able to blend in, and not be picked out, allowing other people not to focus upon you as much, and giving you space to pretty much disappear from their senses. They will still be able to see you as clear as day, but they’re kna senses will have a harder time picking up on you making them sort of ignore you more, when they are not in direct view of you. In my experience turning down this kna volume will not only stop people from knaally sensing you, but can also stop them from reading into you, seeing your knama, and giving accurate divination readings about you, when you exist within lower kna volume state. Once kna volume is lower it will be able to go back up by itself after awhile, or you will be able to raise it again through the use of another technique, that is designed in order to raise it.

Invisible magick techniques, and lowering kna volume:

Here are some techniques that should help you to lower your kna volume.

Affirmation technique:

This one is pretty simple to execute but could be incredibly helpful. All you have to do in this case is stay to yourself what you are trying to achieve. So what you have to do is say, or think out loud something along the lines of “I am invisible” or “My kna is quiet”. Intending things such as this will make your kna manifest in that way. You would also be able to increase the kna volume by thinking, and intending things that are the exact opposite.

Kna work technique:

First you will need to go through the process of grounding, and centering yourself. Next In order to do this technique you must focus on all of the kna in your body, or in the construct that you want to turn invisible. Visualize this kna slowing down, and calming. See if moving where it needs to, while being incredibly efficient and orderly. Doing this and focusing greatly upon it will enter you into this lower kna volume state.

Sigil magick technique:

You can go through the process of constructing a sigil for invisibility, and all you would have to do is go through the process of charging, and activating it. A good way to do this would be to draw it upon yourself, or another construct, and allow it to passively activate turning that thing invisible spiritually.

Incense technique:

Bypassing an object, or yourself through incense smoke with the intention of lowering the kna volume, or turning invisible will allow you, or the object to enter a lower kna volume state.

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