Invoking the wolf is a way for you to get wolf kna into your life, and practice. Calling upon the spirits of wolves in order to work with them is a fundamental part of wolf magick, and will allow you to act out your intent through their wolf kna. You will be able to build relationships, and loyalty with the spirits of the wolves, through constant use of invoking methods, respect, and honoring them as if they were your elders. When you invoke the wolf you’re calling upon the essence of every single wolf that ever existed, and their kna. There are many ways to invoke the wolf, and these methods can be used separately, or in tangent to make a stronger invocation. Anytime you invoke the spirit of the wolf make sure to thank them for coming, and helping you out. Remember to always be respectful to the kna of the wolf.

Invoking the wolf through calling out:

One of the simplest ways to invoke the wolf is to visualize strongly the wolf, and call out into the universe for the spirit of the wolf to come to you, and give you its aid. It also might be helpful to use some sort of representation of the wolf in order to use the magickal law of similarity. You could also incorporate howling of some type. Which would be like calling the spirit of the wolf in its own right plus you would also be bring in the magickal law of association to aid you in your invocation.

Invoking the wolf through dance:

To do this you would need to usually dress up like the wolf to connect closer with the spirit of the wolf. Then you need to create, or find music to dance to. This music can be anything, but it should really get you into the mindset, and invoke visions of the wolf. Once the music is going, and you’re ready to start dancing feel into the presence of the spirit of the wolf. Allow yourself to merge on an energetic level with the kna of the wolf while you dance. You must dance as if you were the wolf. You must let yourself go, and allow yourself to dance the dance of life.

Invoking the wolf through the law of contagion:

Possessing any part of the wolf’s anatomy, or anything that has come in contact with the wolf is connected to it on a spiritual level. This spiritual level can be tapped into, and use in order to invoke the spirit of the Wolf. The wolf’s kna will also be already permeating from that item, also giving you the medicine of the wolf directly from it. This would be like wearing wolves’ teeth around your neck to gain the protective kna of the wolf.

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