The kna ball is an kna technique in which you make a ball of kna in between the palms of your hands. This invisible subtle kna when you make the kna ball is the basis of kna manipulation, and understanding kna for yourself. It is very simple to do, and can be done by anyone at any time, but it can still take some time to master. At the beginning it might be hard to make a kna ball, but after some practice it will become a lot easier, and will pretty much become second nature. It will teach you how to feel kna, and It is the technique, and understanding that will be the foundation for other techniques that you learn. This technique can also be useful to remind yourself of the realness of magick, and its kna when you are feeling doubtful, or skeptical in your abilities. In that way the kna ball acts as a mental grounder allowing you to remember what you are capable of. Most of the time when doing this technique you will be using your own personal kna in order to form the kna ball, but you can always use kna from somewhere else.

How To Make A Kna Ball:

1) The first thing you need to do is get into a calm like meditative state, and then center, ground, and call down. You can do this in any position you would like as long as you can make your palms facing each other. Standing, sitting, lying, or any other position that you would like, and that you feel comfortable in.

2) Put your palms up in front of you facing each other. This can be any length apart as long as your palms are not touching. The closer you are to the other palm the less kna it will take to construct the kna ball making the kna ball easier to form.

3) Now focus, and deepen your concentration, and imagine an kna ball pooling in the space in between your hands in the shape of a ball. Focus strongly upon this image and this is when you should start being able to feel the kna ball take shape between your hands. Relax yourself, and focus hard, and try to construct this kna ball from your kna.

4) Now see if you can feel the kna ball in anyway by moving your hands back and forth. You should be able to feel something whether that be a tingling sensation, heat, cold, and/or pressure. Do not worry if you do not get it the first time it will eventually come. In order to stop doing the ki ball all you have to do is to let the kna disperse, or bring the kna back into you, and then you will be allowed to go along with your day.

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