Viadescioism does not make shrines or altars to the divines. We work with places in which we call a Knala. These are places in which have high amounts of divine kna that are connected to a specific divine. These places can be constructed, or they can be found out in nature. These places allow you to bring in the kna of the divines, and to sit in their presents. These conduits are made out of a bunch of things that the divines are connected to which ends up calling them down into that place allowing their form to be experienced there. They act as liminal spaces and allows you to access the whole of oxakna through a specific through specific yamasa ona. All forms of holy sites are considered to be Knala for specific divine entities, and would be able to be used in order to become closer to the yamasa. These places also attract Masakna, and Samakna which will usually exist in a high amount within these space which would be able to be worked with.

How to make a basic knala:

In order to do this all you’re going to need to do is create a Daknaca, and then create a A’dakna in the middle. This will drawing kna from existence through the act of creating a space that will naturally grounding, centering, and calling down. The kna will be drawn into that space and then we’ll be confined by the Daknaca following the kna to rise. A knala to what yamasa will be determined by what is in the area once the space is set up unless designated by the practitioner through the speaking of the name or the drawing of the Sigil of the yamasa.

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