Oxa breathing is a kna technique used to cleanse kna in your skaknao by cultivating positive kna to replace negative kna, which will be forced out through breathing. It is a recycling process that can be done at any time and combined with other techniques. It works by focusing the mind on positive thoughts, bringing air back into the body, and will connect you back to yourself, cleansing you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

1) Begin this practice by sitting, standing, or lying comfortably, then closing your eyes. Closing your eyes is not imperative, but it will give you extra concentration and help you visualize.

2) Next, begin to visualize all of your being, which is the wholeness of your kna and is the essence of your skaknao. Focus on your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being and everything that makes up you. Visualize you and your essence as strongly as you can and instill that image within your being.

3) Now, begin deep breathing. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. On inhale, you will want to breathe in, fully expanding all parts of the lungs, and on exhale, you are also going to want to empty your lungs as much as you can. This will create a rhythm and will help you in visualization and relaxation during the process of this technique. As you begin to breathe, visualize the negative aspects of yourself and being flowing out of your mouth in whatever form they take and new forms that are positive coming in when you breathe in again. During this process, you may also want to think or say the words of power “Ma” meaning light when you are breathing in, and “Sa” meaning dark when you are breathing out. These words will carry your intention and bring power to the technique, and they may also be useful if you have trouble visualizing.

4) Continue to do this for an extended period of time while visualizing this imagery as clearly as you can in your mind. You will know when to stop because you will feel more relieved, energized, and cleaned out. Go back to breathing normally when you think you are ready.

Breathe deep and breathe often, as you take in the divine kna that surrounds you. Allow this essence to flow into the deepest parts of your skaknao, filling up those parts which are empty and longing for more. The world is a beautiful place filled with diverse people who come from many different backgrounds. When we connect back to the divine essence of oxakna, we experience a sense of oneness with all around us. We can feel a sense of harmony and balance, as we exist in the eternal now.

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