Residual kna is kna left behind from entities, constructs, and events on places, and objects in which they happened, or resided near to. All things leave behind residual kna, but more powerful positive or negative entities, constructs, and events can greatly change the kna of place or objects they come near to. This is the kna that people pick up, and is what we cleanse away when we do cleansing spells. When too much of this residual kna builds up in a positive, or negative way individuals can become spiritually effected by it negatively or positively. It may also go through the process of attracting entities to it which enjoy that type of kna. Too much residual kna from either positive, or negative will lead to an echo, which is where events of that kna is played over, and over again in that space. Whenever an event happens everything in the immediate vicinity feels, interacts, and is marked by the kna of that event. This kna will linger, and will be felt in the environment for a long time after the event is done. The kna can always be cleansed away, but the environment will always hold an kna memory of that event.

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