Shielding is the act of casting a wall of kna around an area in order to keep out unwanted entities and kna. This is a very important skill to understand, and learn about, so that you will be able to protect yourself from things you wish to not interact with. These shields will protect you from spiritual entities and kna that you wish to keep out, and can be programmed with your intention so that you can decide what can pass through it. Shields can be constructed with kna alone, or can have a physical representation in order to anchor them to the physical world. This physical representation can be anything that can mark the path of the shield. Items that are usually used in order to form the physical representation of a Shield are stones, salt, chalk, or a cord. You can make Shields of many different sizes and shapes, it all really depends on what you are shielding and how you would like your shield to be. you can even set up a shield in side of a shield in order to give you an extra layer of protection. You can also leave the area of the shield at any time by simply passing through it physically. Shields that are constantly defending against something or have been up for a long time will need to be recharged through the act of giving it more kna. You could also go through the process of setting up an kna source for the shield to draw from, so you will not have to go through the process of recharging it. Things that would be good for this would be constructs that are inherently present and give off a lot of kna. This would be things like crystals, and weather events. Shields that you create can be long-term, or short-term, but it is very important that you do take down your shields once you no longer have need of them, so that the kna of that area can return back to what it was naturally. If the shield remains there the kna flow of the area will be changed until the shield eventually dissipates. You will be able to cast a shield at any time in order to defend yourself, or to keep out things you do not want to interact with. it will be an incredibly useful skill that will help you out on so many different occasions, and is a fundamental skill that will allow you to be safe in dangerous situations.

How to set up a shield:

1) Find a place in which you would want to set up a shield. this can be in any area that you would like. Cleanse, and banish the area to begin with. This will not allow any negative kna to start within the barrier. Ground, and center, and then after that get into a meditative state so that you can focus more intensely on spiritual and metaphysical constructs.

2) Next you are going to want to send kna up into your pointer & index finger, your athame, your wand, or any other kna directing tool. Once it is filled with kna you are going to want to point and project that kna at what you want the perimeter of your shield to be. If your shield has a physical representation you can use that to guide your kna. Walk around your perimeter, while projecting a line of kna that will soon become the basis for your shield. This would also be a good time to say your intention of what you want the shield to protect you against out loud, or in your head until you are done walking your perimeter.

3) Once you get all the way around your perimeter, and meet back up with where you started, go to the center of your kna shield, and declare once more what the shield is going to defend against. This will also be the time to tell your Shield what it is going to recharge from, and use as a power source. if you do not want to give it a power source you can simply not tell her anything. Then imagine the rest of the shield taking shape connecting above you in the sky, and beneath you in the ground, so that your shield is completely closed off.

4) Once you are done with that your shield is complete, and you can stay in it as long as you would like and use it for whatever purpose you have in mind.

5) Once you are done with your shield and you want to undo it’s all you have to do is what you did, but backwards, while also giving the intention for the shield to dissipate.

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