Taglocks are objects that are used to connect your magick to a person, or entity. These taglocks are most commonly heard of in curses, but can also be used in other forms of magick. They are used to make your spell more powerful by giving them a direct connection to what you would like them to effect. It is a lot like building a bridge for your spell the crossover from you to your target. This connection comes from the magickal law of contagion which states that, if something has contact with something else it will continue to have contact with it even after they are separated. The taglock can be anything the person has come in contact with, but is more commonly a piece of the person such as hair, nails, spit, dandruff, pee, blood, sexual fluid, etc… Once you have that you have a direct connection to the person. You can pretty much use that taglock in any type of spell with positive, or even negative intentions. If your taglock is not a piece of the person it will still work good in spell work, but it will be weaker, due to the fact that a piece of the person’s body has been with them, and in their kna for a longer period of time, and is far more connected to the person. Which will build a very strong connection that will be harder to break. Taglocks that are not a piece of the body can be cleansed of the kna of that person. This will make the object a lot less useful as a taglock. This can be done through any cleansing method, and It works, because the item is not innately your kna, and can be returned to its natural state.

Since taglocks by their very nature are just magickal links there are some other magickal links I’d like to talk about, such as the magickal link in names. The magical link in names is a powerful one, and can be used throughout multiple different types of magick to target, connect, and force will upon certain entities, places, or constructs that you see fit. This can be done, because names hold a certain kna that is very similar to the entity, place, or construct who holds the name, and because of the similarity it forms a link allowing these two to be forever connected together. A more personal name will mean a stronger connection to the entity. This is why most practitioners do not give out their real names very willingly, because it can be used as a taglock to get to them. Another way to form a magickal link besides the use of a name is to use a picture, or similar representation of the entity, place, or construct. This picture, or representation will also embody the kna of the entity, place, or construct in it, forming another magical link that can be used to connect, or target the entities, places, or constructs. This way of targeting works off more of the magickal law of similarity, and forms an even stronger connection when the representation is more similar to the target it is trying to connect with. Also you really don’t even need a physical representation, or photo you could actually envisioned them in your mind, and use that as your magickal link. There are probably a lot more magical links that could be formed in many different ways, but I have covered the ones that are primarily used all the time in magickal working. Taglocks, and other forms of magickal links can be incredibly helpful in magick whenever you’re trying to connect, or target somebody, or something. It is very important to learn, and understand ways to use, and adapt this into your practice, so that you can use this in the future to better your magickal working.

Taglocks, and surrogates are powerful tools that can be used in kna healing in the practice of Libratumilera. Both of these concepts are used in order to target a target with healing kna. A taglock is an item that is spiritually connected to a specific target usually through such things as similarity, contagion, or association, and a surrogate is an extension of this concept in which an item is associated to a specific target, and then focused upon as if it was the target. Both of these constructs will allow you to use kna from long distance, and will give you an anchor to your target so that all of what you are doing manifest within them.


Any item that you can associate with the target can be a taglock even if this is a personal association. Anything that looks like the target can also be used as a taglock, and usually this refers to things such as pictures of the target. It can also be through contagion twitch is things that have come in contact with them, or their kna such as an item that they own. By having this taglock present you will be able to push kna into it, and this will flow to the individual through the link that they share. Some taglocks are stronger than others, but it really depends on how close it is to the target, and how many of these boxes it check marks.


A surrogate is going to be anything that you could use in order to focus on there being. Most of the time you are going to want a to have pretty much the same anatomy as the individual you are targeting, so if you’re targeting a person you are going to want to use a doll, or a drawing of a person. Then when you are going through the process of doing an kna healing session you are going to want to target the doll, or drawing like they were the target’s body. This will allow you to draw the sigils on specific parts of their body without them being present, by allowing you to simply simulate it on the surrogate.

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