• Anxiety ZUAXU
  • Depression DUNU
  • Stagnation SUFU
  • Delusion TUBU
  • Hopeless KUEZU
  • Insecurity CUIYU
  • Doubt MUHU
  • Frustration JU
  • Worthless NUO
  • Dependent RUPU
  • Guilt GUQU
  • Vulnerability LUU
  • Anguish WUVU

This is the alphabet of binding the 13 Abominations. Like the alphabet of desire, the ravens of antimony, these sigils represent skaqa ona with control over specific attributes. These entities are meant to bind these attributes and to have control over them to help the practitioner that interacts with this alphabet. They can lessen their attributes and increase their attributes depending upon the practitioner’s intention. The skaqa ona allow you to understand these aspects and how they affect you and you’re being. These Abominations can be invoked through the activation of their sigils, and these can also be used for cursing.

Spiritual appearance:

They look like a dark humanoid figure with vast leaping shadow tentacles that are ever-changing and ever-moving. These tentacles are usually seen lashing out at the air and grasping onto whatever is in their range. The number of arms the abominations possesses switches seemingly at random, and these arms split from the rest of the dark mass whenever needed. They usually stand up on two legs, but this is also never completely certain, and they are as likely to walk upon their legs as they are to pull themselves along with their arms. Their bodies can stretch and contort unnaturally, and they will move quickly and inhumanly across the ground lunging in the direction they wish. These entities are genderless and can also shapeshift to impersonate and mislead those unaware of their presence. These dark entities have two big bright red soulless eyes that glow and erupt from their dark mass where you would presume their face would be. A bright red glowing sigil will be marked between their eyes upon their head, which will mark the identity of the abomination. Their voices are like thunderbolts that tear through the air as they speak, booming and overpowering, crippling whoever they are talking to, like a dying man’s wailing screams.


Their personalities are like the attribute which the abominations stand for, though all of them are deceitful and self-centered and will most likely only try to better their existence. However, they can still be worked with if you know how to control them and are strong and authoritative enough to do so.

  • ZUAXU (Anxiety) – Fire
  • DUNU (Depression) – Water
  • SUFU (Stagnation)- Earth
  • TUBU (Delusion) – Air
  • KUEZU (Hopeless)- Water
  • CUIYU (Insecurity) – Earth
  • MUHU (Doubt) – Air
  • JU (Frustration) – Fire
  • NUO (Worthless) – Water
  • RUPU (Dependent) – Earth
  • GUQU (Guilt) – Air
  • LUU (Vulnerability) – Spirit
  • WUVU (Anguish) – Fire

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