There are 4 main steps to using sigils. All of these steps are fundamental, and because of this are necessary for the practice of sigil magick to be successful. Most of the steps can be completed in many various ways, and by figuring out the way that best suits your manifestation can greatly empower your magickal working. Learning these four steps can help you organize how you are going to go about using your sigils, and what processes you will have to complete in order for you to get the sigil to begin to manifest. These 4 steps are creation, or discovery, placement, charging, and activation. These 4 steps will act as a framework for your sigil usage, and By doing these steps you will be able to manifest the intention of the sigil, and use the sigil in a very effective, and practical manner within your practice. Below we will be going over each step in a small amount of detail, so that we can go over it again with more detail later. Hopefully this will be a very good overview for you to understand the different fundamental steps for the sigil process, so that they can be expanded on later.


In this step we are looking to create, or find a sigil that suits what we are trying to manifest into the world. If you are going to creative a sigil in this step you will be going through a creation process using different methods of sigilization, which will be able to be used in the other steps after this. If you are going to discover a sigil in the step you are going to have to go through the process of finding a sigil that you want to used to help manifest your will that already exists either out of a book, online, or in some other spot, so that you will be able to use it in the later steps. Both of these will result in gaining a sigil that will be able to be used in your working in order to help you to manifest your desire. This first step will give you something to work with, and this sigil form will act as the main part of the working in which will carry the core metaphysical properties that will be manifested in order to bring forth the will of the practitioner.


In this step you will be finding a place in which you would like to place the sigil. This step will take into consideration sigil placement, sigil surroundings, and the sigils time of creation, along with many different factors to not only provide the sigil representation with an effective place to work from, but to also empower it with kna from things that interact with it. This step takes into consideration the relationship between the sigil, and the external world that it is a part of and how those constructs, and entities will play a role in its effectiveness in manifesting the will of the practitioner. You will see in the step that everything around it must be taken into consideration that is external as much as the internal creation, or being of the sigil that was created, or discovered in the first step.


Charging is the act of filling your sigil with kna. This kna will be the fuel that makes your sigil able to do the magick that you want it to do. It will take this kna, and use it to bring forth your desire. This will usually be done while in an altered state of consciousness, because it has been known to help kna be transmitted to the sigil while the practitioner is within that state.


Once filled with kna from the charging step that kna can then be released, so that the sigil can begin working to bring forth the will of the practitioner. This will be done through activation processes in which will allow the kna of the sigil to be released, and begin working in the world. There are primarily two different forms of activation one being active, and the other one being passive, which will change the way that the kna is released into the world to manifest. Once the sigil has been activated manifestation should occur allowing the practitioner to get what they want.

These are the 4 steps of sigil magick, and by understanding them, and going through the processes of them, you will be able to use them to do sigil magick effectively.

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