Visualization is a very important skill that we all have, and have used before in many different ways. This helps us experience, connect, and feel into experiences that we may not have the pleasure of experiencing in our waking life. The skill of visualization can also be used to focus intent, and get your kna into the place where you want it to be in order to effect, and change the world. Though visualization is a natural skill we all possess, everyone should take special care to exercise their visualization skills so that they can have a clearer, and more comfortable viewing experience. It is a lot like a muscle in this regard, and must be trained, and used in order to keep it at its best potential. All you really need to do in order to exercise your visualization skills is to visualize things on a regular basis. More intricate, varying, or moving constructs will become harder to visualize, and will improve your skills quicker, and more effectively then things of the opposite nature. Things that are visualized that are not intricate, varying, or moving can still help, but is less of a challenge for your mind to envision. To begin in visioning things to improve your visualization skills all you would need to do is enter a meditative state in which you can focus on different constructs that you want to create in your mind. There are so many things you could envision, and the possibilities are literally endless. Some things that you could envision that would be pretty good to challenge your skills a visualization would be huge wonderful landscapes, worlds, people, animals, or even events, and scenes. Remember to have fun, and that the whole point of this is just to work stronger with visualization, so that you can have a more vivid vision into the world of your mind.

If you have aphantasia:

From what we have found the way to get around using visualization is to simply think and will in your mind what you would like to happen. You would even be able to go through the process of speaking out loud the actions that you want to happen spiritually and mentally instead of seeing them in your mind.

Visualization is a very important skill to have when practicing. It allows you to focus your intention, and be able to move your kna in specific ways to help you be able to manifest your magick. You should take time to better this ability, so that you can use it to empower your craft. There are many different ways you can go about training your visualizations skills, to be able to visualize more advance, and dynamic things.

Exercise ideas for strengthening your visualization skills:

Try to find a quiet space where you will be able to do some of these exercises. This will allow you to focus and be better connected with your visualization.

  • Start out small by closing your eyes, and visualizing different types of 3D shapes in multiple colors.
  • Close your eyes, listen to music and see what comes to your mind.
  • Close your eyes, and pick an object, and try to visualize it in as much detail as possible. The bigger the object is, the harder it will usually be to visualize, but the more influential it will be to allow in your visualization ability to grow.
  • Choose a random picture to focus upon. Look at it for a couple seconds, and then try to visualize it as if you were there.
  • Close your eyes, and try to create a world in your mind by visualizing every aspect of that world in as much detail as possible. starting with the universe the world is in, and moving down.
  • Close your eyes, and try to visualize sounds, tastes, touches and smells to try to empower your other senses of visualization.
  • Take time, and visualize something you are going to do before you do it, so that you can actually go do it afterwards, and see how detailed, and close your visualization was.
  • Try visualizing your kna running throughout your body, so that you can get a feel for visualizing where your kna is when you focus upon it.

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