Wards are constructs, or entities in which practitioners can work with to turn away negative, or unwanted kna from an area. Wards are like guards that watch over an area. These wards will target whatever you intend them to, and banish them from that area. Wards act as a form of protection to keep that space, or area safe from what is not wanted. Any space, object, or entity can be warded if you take the time to place one upon it. Wards can be set up for a period, but are primarily used when a construct, space, or entity needs to be protected for an extended period of time. Wards can also be cast whenever protection is needed, and will be able to provide protection for whatever they are warding.

Difference between warding, and shielding:

Warding, and shielding are two different things. Warding being the act of pushing away specific unwanted kna, so that they will not be able to enter the perimeter, or be in the area. Where the active shielding is simply setting up a wall in order to stop unwanted kna from penetrating the perimeter. Shielding is like building a wall between you, and the outside world and warding is like putting guards at that wall. These processes are usually done together, but do not have to be, and are completely exclusive to their practices.

Maintaining wards:

These wards will have to be maintained through the act of checking over them, recharging them, and/or reconstructing them when they have been in use for a long time, or have been used constantly. These wards will need kna in order to continue doing their job, so finding a source of kna to connect to the wards will allow them to recharge, and continue to work. This is because they will have an kna source to draw kna from when they get low. Try using an kna source that is renewable, and comes from a process that inherently exists. This will allow your ward to continue on working even when you are not there to give it kna. Using only your own kna to power your wards can leave you fatigued, and allow you to fall into kna burnout, so remember to know your limits, and to not simply rely on your kna. Find other kna sources that you can use in order to power your wards. In order to connect these other kna sources all you must do is go to the ward in question, and take them in your hand, or place your hand on to them, and relay your intentions through your kna, so that the ward knows where to draw from. You could also go through the act of drawing a line of kna between the source of kna, and the ward in order to allow that source of kna to power the ward. It is important that your wards are maintained, and get the kna that they need or else they will not be able to work properly, and will eventually become inactive.

What to ward against, and ward placement:

You can make wards to ward off pretty much anything not just negative, or unwanted entities. This can be anything such as bad luck, certain emotions, curses, nightmares, bugs, and even certain people, among any other thing you can set your mind to. Choosing specifically what you want to ward against whether that be specific kna or entities is very important to know, when you are setting up your wards. The placement of wards is also very important, because depending on what it is supposed to be Warding can determine a place that would be very suitable for it to be in, so that the kna of the ward will interact with what it is supposed to keep away. This would be like keeping a ward to keep away bad dreams underneath a pillow. It would have a very good chance of interacting with bad dreams, if it is there. A lot of the times ward placement is at the four corners, or sides of a shield. Wards like this will also usually correspond to the four elements in order to give them more power, and to help also empower the workings that happen in the area. Wards can be placed on the perimeter of a space, in the center of the area, or simply thrown about. It depends on what type of space you are trying to defend, what you are trying to defend against, and how you would like to go about defending yourself. Wards are a lot more like guards, and turrets, and have spaces in which they will be able to keep safe. So by having the area covered in as much wards as you can will make sure that there are no gaps in your security. You may also want to go about forming a shield of kna around the perimeter to act as a wall to protect you against any influences you do not want getting in.

How to set up wards:

Before you go through the act of setting up wards on any construct, entity, or space you will want to cleanse that place, so that all the residual kna can be stripped of it, and it can return back to what it was naturally giving the new wards space to do its job. You can go through this cleansing process with any cleansing method that you would like to use as long as the area gets nice, and cleansed of its kna. You could go through the acts of spritzing saltwater upon it, passing it through incense smoke, or even ringing a bell, or making a loud noise towards it, along with many other methods.

Once the space is cleansed it is time to form, and put up your wards. There are many different ways that you can go about warding an area, and depending on what you are going to be warding against, and what type of magick you are going to use in your warding, should help determine how it is laid out.

If you are warding an area you may also want to go through the process of setting up some form of shield, so that you do not allow certain kna to even get past your perimeter. To do this you will want to either kna make a boundary by pushing out kna in order to mark the perimeter, or you will want to go through the process of creating, or finding a physical representation for the barrier, and using that in order to mark your perimeter. By doing this only you will be able to morph, and change the border at will to suit your needs, but the kna of that barrier will not be grounded, and anchored in the physical world, and because of this it will have a harder time manifesting, though it will be more dynamic. To use a physical representation for your shielding you should place down nodes in which you can draw kna to. These nodes can be pretty much anything from rocks to trees to man-made structures, and statues. All it has to be is a construct that can be used as a point in your kna line. Once you have all of your nodes lining the perimeter you can then connect the dots through the act of pushing kna from one node to the other. While you are going through the process of putting your kna from note to note you should also say your intention, so to program the shield with your intention. This would be like things that you wanted to keep out, what you want to pass through it, and what kna sources it should use. While going to the process of setting up the kna barrier you should also make sure that you set it up to connect in a 3D, or Sphere like manner, so that it can protect you from above and below as well. You can also if you feel so inclined go, and set up another shield barrier layer by doing all of these steps again, but on the inside, or outside of the already existing barrier. This will give you a double layer of protection, if you so desire. Once you connect the dots completely, and you have told the shield your intentions you will then have your shield, and we’ll be able to move on to the warding process.

A lot of time certain kna alone are invoked in order to ward, and watch over specific areas, people, and objects. These kna can also be grounded to specific representations in order to allow them to have a physical construct they are connected to, so that they will be able to be greatly connected to the physical. This is so that they can manifest, and be closer to what they are warding. These representations will be filled with the specific types of kna that have been invoked, and can be used as talismans. They will also be able to be carried on you to ward away specific kna throughout the bulk of your daily life, as long as they reside with you. These objects will be filled with kna, and enchanted, so that they will take on the metaphysical properties of the kna that you want them to have. The simplified enchanting process would be to push kna that you wanted to have through your hand into the item, and this would be good enough for it to take on the aspects of that kna, so that it can use it to ward off what you wanted to.

You can also go through the process of creating specific sigils with the intention of warding away whatever kna you do not want to interact with. These sigils can be created by you, or can be found, and can be of someone else’s design. Wherever the representation of the sigil comes from it will still have to fit your intent you want to ward against, and will be charged, and activated in places where you believe it will be able to interact with what you want warded away. These sigils will also need an kna source, or to be recharged on a certain bases, or when the kna gets low. You will be able to program an kna source into the intention of the sigil, so that it is connected to it, and will be able to feed off it. If you are using a bunch of different sigils you could always go through the process of setting up a sigil matrix, so that you can control, and work with all the sigils that you have set out from a home base location. In order to do this all you would have to do is place your sigils around the area you want to ward, then have other representations of them in your home base, so that you will be able to interact with, and charge your sigils by interacting with those other representations. This will make your sigils linking sigils, and will allow one to control the other.

Certain symbols may already have very powerful metaphysical properties that you can call upon to ward specific things. These symbols would be able to be placed in certain areas to be able to help you, and have residual metaphysical kna that would not need to be charged. These types of symbols would be symbols that are used magickally for a specific purpose multiple times such as the pentagram, or the runes, and would greatly increase the overall power of your wards. They would be able to bring the kna that they already possess, and that is inherent to them in order to Ward, and protect your space, object, or person.

You could also go through the process of using your WiFi signal that you are emitting from your router as a ward by connecting warding kna to the signal of the router. To do this all you would have to do is to find a way to push warding kna into the router through the act of making a sigil for warding, and placing it upon your router, placing crystals, or herbs with warding intentions near to the router, or by simply pushing warding kna into the router by using kna. There are also many other ways to go about allowing warding kna to interact with the signal of the router, but what is important is that the kna interact with the signal, so that the warding process can begin, and can start to push out this warding kna as far as the signal goes.

Certain crystals, and herbs will be able to be used in warding also through the kna of their metaphysical properties, and will be able to be placed in key locations in order to ward off kna there. You could also go through the process of programming your crystals with certain intentions allowing them to focus on warding specific kna is that you want them to. This would allow you to incorporate crystals in a more dynamic way in your warding process allowing them to focus on aspects that you want to keep out of your space. You could also go through the process of setting up a form of crystal grid. It could be as large as you would want it to be, and could extend over the entire area allowing pretty much an arsenal of crystals to act out your warding for you. These crystal grids would not need to be charged, and would be able to work off the generator stone in the center of the crystal grid. By growing certain herbs, and plants and certain locations you can use their kna in order to ward your space. This would be like growing Rosemary bushes in your windows to keep away negative entities. Another thing you could do would be to burn certain incenses in order to fill the air in space with a particular kna warding away things you do not want to interact with. This can be done by burning incense, and walking around the perimeter and area making sure that the smoke permeates everywhere releasing a protective warding kna into the air. This will need to be repeated whenever the kna runs out, and returns back to what was there naturally.

You can also work with entities as wards. By invoking, or evoking trusted entities, and asking them to watch specific areas you allow them to ward those areas. The spirit should be given something for their working such as offerings that they enjoy in order to repay them for acting as wards. You can also go through the process of creating skaqa ona to be guardians, and protectors in to ward away whatever you do not want to interact with in your space. They would pretty much act like guardians, watching over the space that you have asked them to, and would be very powerful wards to keep out what you do not want in. These skaqa ona would have to be fed though in order for them to continue existing, so it would be a good idea to program a very abundant food source into them that they can feed off of even when you are not there. You could also go through the process of asking your deity, or deities to help you in warding the area. This would result in them blessing, or favoring the area, and helping you keep out what you do not want with there personal kna. You should also find a way to repay the deities for doing this for you in order to show them your respect, and honor for what they have done.

The last thing that you can do is draw kna lines from all of your wards to each other, so that they can work off each other, and communicate like a big network of protection. Once you have all of the constructs, and entities in the places that you want them to ward you will be done with the setting up of the warding process and can then benefit from what you have done.

When you are ready to take down your wards all you must do is cleanse the area, and remove whatever constructs, or entities that helped you in this warding. You can use any cleansing process for this just like at the beginning of the warding process except this time we are going to be picking up all of the kna that we put down allowing the area to be cleaned up. Take time to thank everything that you worked with in your warding process for keeping out all that you did not want to interact with and for keeping you safe, and secure.

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