Hypersigils also called super sigils are sigils that are usually expressed through art based medias such as stories, poetry, lyrics, video, and much more. This technique was first brought to life by Grant Morrison Dossier a comic book writer, and an occultist. These sigils can be very powerful, but can also be quite complicated depending on how you go about creating them, and using them in your practice to get what you want. To create a hypersigil one must only create one of these mediums, but inside the medium you place your intent disguised as the art. This is going to be in some way shape, or form modeled after your reality, and by interacting with it, and changing it you can change your reality. This would be like if you were going to write a story you would make an alter ego for yourself, and give them what you want your self to have in their reality, so that you in turn could get it in your reality. Hypersigils work primarily through the law of Association, and the law of similarity. So in order for it to affect the universe you will need to represent whatever you want to be affected in the medium, and then in some way show how you want it to be affected. This will give your intent something to latch onto so that the kna can then go out, and effect the universe. It’s all about connecting your intent into the medium, so that you can characterize the world around you in order to be able to add, and subtract things at will.

This would also pretty much work the same way in poetry, video, and song lyrics, and many other forms of hypersigils medium. Now that your intent is all wrapped up in a package, and is now this beautiful piece of art you now have your sigil. In order for you to charge, and passively activate the sigil you must have some form of audience, or collective in order to interact with that piece of art, so that they can give their kna to it. These types of sigils are usually never charged through the individual, and usually take a lot more manpower, which is one of the reasons why they’re usually referred to as super sigils. This can be done simply by sharing your hypersigil on a blog, social media site, or any other place someone might come in contact with it. If the audience, or collective interact with the hypersigil intentionally, or not intentionally it will not affect the effectiveness of the hypersigil, and will still charge it regardless. This will allow the hypersigil to manifest your will among reality. That’s all there really is to having, and using hypersigils, but as you can see there is probably a lot of uses that you can get out of these types of sigils. These sigils can be incredibly powerful, because of the association, intend, and kna that is put into them. It is quite useful for every practitioner to understand, and know how to use the sigils in case they ever have to do anything with them.

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