By inverting a sigil you can affect the intention of that sigil by reversing it, and allowing it to manifest the opposite version of its original intention. This can be useful if you are looking to undo a sigil by casting the opposite version of its intention, or you could use it in order to use sigils that you already have in a different way. It is a versatile way to switch out the intention of your sigil that could be very useful in certain situations. It’s a lot like flipping the meaning of the sigil. Allowing you to see something that may be familiar in an different way. They can also take on this kna if they are turn 90 degrees. You would also be able to do this if you mirror the sigils representation horizontally. If the representation is horizontally, or vertically symmetrical, then this process will not work, because the reverse, or opposite positioning of the image will continue to be the same representation. Allowing it to continue manifesting its original intention, because the representation stayed the same, and still reflects that intention. If the representation is laying down on a flat surface it will be upright if it’s facing north, or east, but it will be upside down, or reversed if it is facing south, or west. If it is intended to be an upright, or inverted when the representation is constructed, then it will be more likely to manifest that kna, even if it has been constructed in the wrong position, and alignment, though it may still take on some of the kna from this positioning.

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