I have noticed in the practice, and study of my alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony that by going to the process of writing one’s name in the ravens, those ravens will be able to tell you a little bit about the nature of that person based on the ravens that appear, and in what order. The kna of the ravens work with the kna of the numerological letter placement to set forth insight. For example if you were going to do this with the name John, it would look like this.

First you would start off with the name:
Then we transfer the name into the ravens of antimony alphabet, and pronunciation:
Then we would transfer the ravens of antimony into there meanings:
Knowledge Ascendancy Anger Logic

Then we take these meanings, and associate them to the aspects of the letter placement:
1 = Unity, achievement, and overview
2 = Relationship, understanding, and communication
3 = Creativity, inspiration, and intelligence
4 = Hard work, morals, and stability
5 = Individuality, life, and lessons
6 = Love, families, and parenthood,
7 = Knowledge, truth, and spirituality
8 = Self-confidence, success, and wealth
9 = Wisdom, empathy and resolution
10 = Ambitious, independence, and leadership

From this we gain the inside that John’s focus and overview for life would be on something to do with knowledge.They would be incredibly skilled at relationships, and communication, and their creativity, and inspiration would come mostly from anger. They would also be very logical and their work, morals, and way of thinking, and they would primarily be in this state.

For any names with more letters than 10 the aspects can be found in the understanding of the numerology of the number of the letter placement. The letter placement that the name ends on is one of your primary aspects. If your name doesn’t make it to a certain aspect, or number placement that aspect is usually balance or average. This practice is something simple that can be done, and that I have seen to offer quite good results in providing insight into people’s lives.

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