Sigil triggers are commands that you work into the programming of the sigil. Sigil triggers can only be set on passive sigils. These sigil triggers are used in order to activate a passive sigil when a certain situation, or stimulus occurs. This will allow you to have more dynamic control over the activation of your passive sigils. Using sigil triggers will allow your sigil to build up some kna before it is activated, and starts its manifestation process. It will also allow the kna of the sigil to be used more sparingly, allowing the sigil to keep its charge longer. Your trigger can be any type of situation, or stimulus that you can think of, and will be responsible for starting your manifestation once that action, or event takes place. There are many ways that you can go about programming a trigger into your sigils intention below I will explain two of them.

The first way that you can do it is by directly working the trigger into the statement of intent. To do this all you would have to do is simply right exactly when you want the trigger to go off in your statement of intent. It would look something like this: “whoever opens this book is cursed.”, or “I am focused when me, and the sigil are in a school.”

You could also program it into the sigil, when you wanted to activate once you have charged it. To do this you would simply just say in your head, or out loud to the sigil, preferably in a meditative-like state what stimulus, or situation you would like the sigil to be triggered by. You should say it multiple times in order to instill it into the sigil.

Learning to use sigil triggers properly can greatly diversify your use of sigil, and will allow you to bring your manifestation into the future in a way in which it is used once it is needed.

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