Hello, I’m the Wolf Of Antimony, and I’m an occult practitioner of my own tradition known as viadescioism. I am 25 years of age, and I’m a Black American. I have been practicing and studying occultism, mysticism, esotericism, religion, spirituality, theology, mythology, philosophy, and natural philosophy for 12 years now, and many things for my own practice. I have created my alphabet of desire the Ravens of antimony, and my alphabet of binding the 13 abominations. I have also created many posts on magick, and occultism, and thousands of sigils. Another thing I have created is 58 thought-forms that helped me throughout my practice. All of these thought-forms being the 36 Ravens of antimony, the 13 Abominations, Carita, the forgotten one, Anuva, the 6 Sigurds, and Ibura.

I first started practicing because of a calling I had when I was 13 years old one night while sitting alone, so I started researching, and I haven’t stopped. Throughout my journey, I learned many different things and interacted with so many different people. I first started with learning energy work, and then moved on to new age understandings, from there I learned about paganism, and witchcraft, which then brought me to learn about philosophy, hermeticism, chaos magick, herbalism, theosophy, psychology, religious studies, and many other practices. I have studied and practiced many different things from all over the world, and from many different understandings. Most of my research and study was done online, though I did go through the process of also reading books, and communicating with other practitioners. this eventually led me to creating my own tradition due to the fact that I was not completely happy with the state of other traditions and an Eclectic and syncretic practice was no longer working for me so I created my tradition of Viadescioism.

My religion is my blend of spirituality mixed with my philosophy of the world, which I have named Viadescioism. Viadescioism can be explained as a new age, neo-pagan, spiritual philosophy that primarily focuses on connecting with the divines and understanding the world through metaphysical philosophy.

I am an Omnist, and I work with any divinity that I am called to work within specific situations. The virtues in life that I strive for our Xaoxa, Najaar, Umao, A’jau, Laarda, Tau, Vadaska, Davaabt, Xa’ua’, and Abtgha which are a part of Viadescioism. I also work with the archetypes of divinity that I have laid out in Viadescioism which are Oxakna, Damakna, Dasakna, Madaqa, Ladaqa, Sadaqa, Uknayamasa, Shaknayamasa, Naknayamasa, and Daknayamasa.

The name wolf of antimony comes from my spiritual affinity with the wolf and the importance that it plays in my spirituality, philosophy, and life. Antimony is also connected to the wolf, which is why I use its alchemical symbol to represent myself. Antimony also has metaphysical properties of protection, self-reflection, illumination, and enlightenment, which I feel resonates quite well with my practice.

I also go by the alias Phelan Sage Lunagenus, which is also connected to the wolf. My connection to the wolf comes from my therianthropy and my connection to my animal spirit guide.

As for astrology, I have the sun in Pisces, Moon in Libra, and my rising sign is Taurus. I am also connected primarily to the water element, and my strongest temperament is phlegmatic. I am also INFP in the Myer Briggs personality test.

I write and post about my experiences, and understandings around these subjects, and concepts to document, and share my experiences with the world. I primarily post on Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Pinterest, and wolfofantimonyoccultism.com.

I always love to hear from practitioners regardless of where they are on their path. I do this to learn more about the people around me, and the magickal art that they practice. Everyone that wants to communicate with me is welcome to. Feel free to contact me whenever you would like, my friends. I could always use the company.