Hello I’m the Wolf Of Antimony, and this is my blog. On this blog I post content about spirituality, occultism, esotericism, and mysticism among many other things. I like to consider myself to be a new age, syncretic, eclectic, semi-secular, neo-pagan, spiritualist, pantheist, ominist, monist, dualist, polytheist who has been a practitioner of magick for 8 years now.  I have practice many different various types of  magick, along with the study of many different cultures, traditions, concepts, and subjects. I’m very spiritually connected to the wolf. I am also technically a wolf Therian, though I do stay away from the community. I have a sun in Pisces, and moon in Libra. I always love to hear from practitioners regardless of where they are on their path. I do this to learn more about the people around me, and the magickal art that they practice. Everyone is welcome on this blog, and you are always welcome to feel safe here. Feel free to contact me whenever you would like my friend, I could always use the company.