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Sigil magick: “It’s dangerous to cast sigils that aren’t yours” and some other Sigil misconceptions

For a little bit now while looking through sigil resources online I keep running into the sentiment that it’s dangerous to cast sigils that aren’t yours, and I wanted to talk about this along with some other sigil misconceptions that I keep seeing. Not only because I am a person who posts sigils online for individuals to use, but also […]

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Ravens of Antimony: Language rules, and Modifying words

This is subject to change:  The ravens of antimony language is a Subject–Verb–Object (SVO) language much like English, and is a head initial language in all aspects.Below are some syntax rules for how statement should be connected together Subject then Verb then Object (SVO) Head then Initial Noun then Adjective Preposition then Noun Possessee then Possessor Noun then Honorific Auxiliary then Verb Configurations then State Statement modifiers: Add […]

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Ravens of antimony: Basic phrases

 These are some basic phrases, and words in the ravens of antimony: Hello = Labadaska Ravens of Antimony = Arskasa Ona Labada Xadakna Ravens of Antimony language = Lajaarskasa How are you? = Knacayaja Dada Daska Oya? Very good = Tama Aiokna Bad = Tasa Goodbye = Dava Good morning = Malabadaska Good afternoon = Lalabadaska Good evening = Salabadaska Goodnight = Sasalabadaska […]

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Ravens of antimony: Lexicon

This is the Raven of antimony lexicon. This will be updated with words as they are made. Lord, boss, Authority = Omabala Worker, peasant, underling = Osabala Master, teacher = Vaarla Enlightened Being, ascended master = Yamasala Student = Xajala Non-binary sir = Dalala Genesis = Oxakna Theós = Damakna Theá = Dasakna Spiritual Plane, Ouranios Ethos = Madaqa Mental […]

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Viadescioism: Joining Viadescioism, or incorporating its understandings

Anyone is able to go through the process of joining Viadescioism by simply referring to themselves as a Viadescioist and by taking on the understandings of Viadescioism. Primarily the main understandings of the practice that all practitioners have in common are The 10 divines, The 10 virtues, and the Divinity of the individual. These understandings can also be incorporated into […]

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Viadescioism: Viadescioic Stone Circle

The Viadescioic stone circle is a physical sacred space making ritual in which a Viadescioist sets up Sacred Space by placing rocks around themself in a circle. In this ritual 10 Stones are used to represent the ten divines, and 10 virtues of Viadescioism and are placed in a circle along with other stones in which represents other aspects of an individual’s practice and divinity. Any number […]

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Viadescioism: Skadayamasa meditation

This meditation brings you closer to the Divines into your divine nature. It helps you to connect with the divines and to call down the essence of Oxakna. You and the Divine connect for a moment so that you can meditate with your Divine self and become more of it. It represents death and rebirth and is a sort of […]

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Viadescioism: Knala (Conduits)

Viadescioism does not make shrines or altars to the divines. We work with places in which we call a conduit or a Knala. These are places in which have high amounts of divine energy that are connected to a specific divine. These places can be constructed, or they can be found out in nature. These places allow you to bring in […]

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Viadescioism: Kana

Kana are symbolic patterns that are used in the practices of Viadescioism. This understanding is close to the understanding of sigil magick, but it more focuses on an aesthetic pattern that is used in Viadescioic works in order to move energy around them. There is an infinite number of kana, and each one represents a different form of energy flow. […]

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Grabovoi Grigori Numbers

“Hey! I heard a lot about grabovoi(sorry if I spelt it wrong) codes. Could anyone tell me about them and tell me if they works? Today was the first day I’ve heard of it and It seems cool. It’s popular among shifters and I think on tiktok and I know tiktok isn’t rlly trustworthy when it comes to that information […]