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Category: Aerosophic

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Ancestor Work: The basics

Ancestor work is a practice that is found all over the world in many different cultures, and traditions. There are a couple types of ancestors that have the potential to be worked with, and honored. These different types of ancestors have different connections to you, and can help you out in various ways. From these practices you understand that your […]

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Source, Deity, and Divinity

This post is meant to be my take on source, and how it relates to deities, as well as divinity. These are just some of my present thoughts on the matter that I would like to share. On Source: Source is the head emanation of everything, and is the monad of the all. Source can be used as a synonym […]

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Wolf Magick

Intro: As you can see by my internet username (Wolf Of Antimony) the wolf is very important to me, and I have always found ways to use my spiritual connection to wolves to enhance my practice. Those wolf magick is already a concept, it is divided, and most of it is not innately usable. For humanity, and wolves have been […]

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Crystal Spirits, And How To Communicate With Them.

Every crystal has its own unique spirit. These are called crystal spirits, crystal divas, or crystal nature spirits. This spirit can be communicated with, and worked with in order to build a stronger connection with that stone, and to get more out of it during your magickal workings that it is involved in. Crystal spirits can be wise, and knowledgeable […]