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Occulthowl: Practice for granted

I must remember not to take my practice for granted. I have researched in practice for 12 years so far and most of that time was under the persecution of my family. I truly have only been able to fully openly practice for about a year now.  And, now that I’m free. Free from the passive aggressive comments. Free from the book […]

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Occulthowl: Eyes on my own paper

I used to focus so much on other people’s practices. Their definitions, their understandings, and their way of being. Foolish me, trying to bend their way into my way. I learned a lot more when I finally calmed down, and was able to fully learn and understand their way, and how they came to that conclusion And, I may of […]

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Occulthowl: Dual nature

So the reason that I changed my icon from the simple white and blue to the one with a half red and black is because it is used to symbolize what I’m feeling in my mental state presently. I feel my mental state is worsening, and I’m a little bit more unstable than I used to be. Because of this I feel […]

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Viadescioic Magick: Viadescioic Chants

Viadescioic Chants are Chants made using the Ravens of antimony. They’re primarily used by chanting them multiple times in order to focus one’s mind and energy upon a specific desire or effect, while also invoking the Ravens to bring that desire or effect about. There is no minimum or maximum amount you must chant them but the more that you […]

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Metaphysical properties of antimony upright and inverted

Metaphysical properties of antimony: The spirit of the Wolf Intelligence Creativity Spiritual Growth Adaptability Wisdom Strength Introspection Sharing understandings between people Getting rid of bad habits and old limiting behaviors Cutting Through Illusion Psychic Enhancement Transmutation Transformation Enlightenment Ascendants Exploration Realization Wealth Power Animal Tendencies Protection Grounding Cleansing Purification Manifesting Free spirit Inverted metaphysical properties of antimony: The Unknown Corruption […]

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Viadescioic Magick: Invocation of the divine corners

In the first Direction make Daknavadakna (the sign of earth) and say “Daknayamasa” then visualize earth. Turn right, and make Shaknavadakna (the sign of water) and say “Shaknayamasa” then visualize water. Turn right, and make Naknavadakna (the sign of air) and say “Naknayamasa” then visualize air. Turn right, and make  Uknavadakna (the sign of fire) and say “Uknayamasa” then visualize […]

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Neopraxism not to be confused with “praxism” or “isopraxism” is the practice of creating a new practice that is different than other established traditions. I created the term Neopraxism in order to represent my practice Viadescioism, and other practices that were like it. Neopraxism is a combination of “Neo” meaning new, “praxi” meaning practice, and “ism” meaning a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy. Rather than being a traditional, […]

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Magick: Not being able to visualize, or aphantasia

Throughout my practice I have interacted with many people who have not been able to visualize, or have told me that they had aphantasia. From what I have found the way to get around using visualization is to simply think and will in your mind what you would like to happen. You would even be able to go through the process of speaking […]

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I have heard that some people believe that the Lovecraftian “Mythos” hold much literal truth about a new pantheon of deities, do you think that those entities might exist? Or have you heard of such beliefs?

Personally I do not believe at least from the experiences, and which I have had that the Lovecraftian mythos was an already existing pantheon, or group of entities before the writings of lovecraft. I see it as a form of Pop Culture paganism when people choose to bring and work with The Entity is from that Mythos, and from my […]

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Ways to go about practicing while hiding your craft

There’s many ways to go about practicing while hiding your craft, though you will probably have to shape your craft around things that are less noticeable. Because, of being hidden, you will not be able to have much tools, so you will have to figure out how to improvise, so that you will still be able to practice, while also not being found […]

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How many types of witches can you be?

You could simply be one type, or you could be all of them my friend (except for the ones that kind of negate each other). These witch types are not concrete separations that you have to conform to, but are instead ways of showing what you work with, or things that you would be interested in working with you could be one of them, […]

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Energy work: I was wondering what you think of accidental energy usage?

I can guarantee you it happens my friend. People accidentally curse other people all the time, and many children will even invent thought-forms as Imaginary friends. You could even take a look at poltergeists, because they are usually manifestations of an individual going through emotional dread. There also seems to be some non-voluntary energy movement like when a person orgasms that seems […]

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Rarefaction and condensation of the elements

Rarefaction, and condensation are the transformation phases of the elements which go through the process of transforming one element into the other. This metaphysical understanding originally comes from the Greek philosopher Anaximenes. Condensation makes the element heavier, slower, and cooler. Fire – Air – Water – Earth Rarefaction  makes the element lighter, quicker, and hotter. Earth – Water – Air – Fire

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Fate shown by divination

From what I understand is that if you do a reading it is the future from that point with all the variables where they are. simply by just knowing your future, or getting the reading in the first place can change it due to the fact that you have new variables to work with, and because fate is not always […]

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Why are you pro-cursing/hexing?

I’m actually not “pro-cursing” (and I try not to use the word hexing). I am not for, or against acts of harmful magick in the way of promoting them, or demeaning them but much rather choose to do so based on the situation, and my relativistic subjective understanding of the magick, and why the magick is being sent out. In […]

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Can the power of a birth name be swapped for the power of the witch name, if that makes sense? How do birth names vs witch names work for trans people?

Your birth name will always be stronger then your witch name in the aspects of it being connected to you. Primarily because of the time in which the name was given to you, and because of how long it has been associated with you. You also greatly connected yourself with that name, and many others have connected you with that name, […]

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I was wondering How do you know the difference between the result of a spell and just plain coincidence I’ve been casting a lot of spells lately and they all seemed to have worked but I don’t know if it’s cuz of the spell or what?

Spells work in subtle ways in order to influence, and manifest your intention through your will. If you set forth your manifestation through the act of magick, and it comes to you then it is most likely your magick manifesting, because your spell allows the probability of that situation to be more likely, though it may seem like a coincidence to […]

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Energy work: What purpose do wands, staffs and athames have? I understand for channeling energy but whats different between them and say your fingers?

On a fundamental functional level, the difference is primarily metaphysical properties my friend, because the tool will give you aspects that you do not start off with personally. The wand, staff, and athame can provide you with specific energies, and mental associations to help you, and empower your practice with their usage, depending upon which one you have, and how it has been […]

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Practices that I believe are good for beginners

These are some of the practices that I believe are good for beginners, and that some people may want to start with when first entering the practice of magick. Energy Work, learning to work with the fundamental energy. Protective Magick, shielding and warding because protection is important. Sigil Magick, is very simple and can be incorporated into your life. Crystal Magick, if you have access […]

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Faith in the divines does not get shooken

My understanding of the divines does not rely on the spiritual to continue being a thing. It is an intrinsic part of existence much like roundness, and will continue to exist as long as there is an existence which there will always be. Because of this my faith in the divines does not get shooken, because I can see my […]

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Do you think that you can be a witch without doing spells/rituals? When do you think, you can call yourself a witch?

Personally from my understanding my friend you have to practice some form of witchcraft in order to be considered a witch in my opinion. This can be spells, and rituals, but there are other elements that form the craft part of witchcraft that a practitioner could also take up to be considered a witch. Also you can technically be a […]

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Not a big fan of love spells

Personally I’m not a big fan of love spells due to the fact that they have a high potential to be manipulative, and this gets in the way of the relationship contract in which all relationships have. Forsaking others free will for the desires of the individual who is going through the process of doing the magickal working, because of […]

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To be mentored by the Wolf of Antimony

People would always come to me, and ask me to be there mentor, and I would always be like I’m sorry I’m not taking students right now. But, I’ve been thinking about it and reflecting on it, and I’m always taking students but I never take them on formally. I will share my knowledge with anyone who wants to know, […]

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Magick: What purpose candles serve in magick.

Candles primarily serve the purpose of providing rituals, and spells with power. They primarily do this because they emit power while burning, and this action can be harnessed in order to power your workings. This not only works with candles, and works with anything that burns such as a bonfire or torch. Things that are near to the flame or […]

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Wolf Thoughts: Order

Look around and you will see that the world is in order, if this is true then every other form of existence also needs to be in order in some form of way even if we do not understand it presently. For if trees are not floating and are not changing form constantly then neither can the mental or spiritual […]

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How to use sigils (simplified):

To use sigils you need to pick the sigil you want to use, charge, and activate it. You can pick any sigil, or any sigil that you have created. Next charge the sigil by a charging method you can do this by meditating with the sigil, staring at the sigil, or pushing your spiritual energy into the sigil, or some […]

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Change over time

As I watch people create, and reuse my sigils I really get an interesting glimpse into how people interacting with things changes them overtime. From people slightly changing the overall intention to say the same thing, but in a different way, to people adding luxurious rituals onto the sigils themselves. Every person who goes through the process of interacting with my sigils, […]

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Spirituality: List of things that make spiritual systems lose focus

This list is to help understand certain aspects of things that I have noticed make someone’s spirituality more ineffective. This list is not meant to judge people’s practices based on what they have in their spiritual practices, but is more to point out certain things that pop up in practices in which lose focus on realizing spiritual enlightenment, and more often than not choose to […]