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Arda: Arkadala (Eternal Dance Meditation)

In order to do this all you are going to need to do is to move your body more so in a dancing matter, while visualizing your intention, and keeping that intention in your mind as you move. During this process you may want to close your eyes, so you can focus harder on what is going on within you, […]

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Arda: Saarda

What it is:  Saarda in arda is a way in which the arda of practitioner trains their skills. Individuals will strike the air continuously for an extended period of time. This will allow them to train their techniques, and build up muscle related to those techniques. It works like a form of fighting meditation which intern trains your mind, body, and spirit. […]

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Arda: Kna Strikes

Introduction: The act of a kna strike can be done with any part of the body, and can be done with any form of tool and is a way of striking with every part of your being the physical, mental, and spiritual in a united fashion. In order to kna strike effectively you must move the strike throughout your entire body through […]

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Arda: 10 Divine hand signs

Oxavadakna | Sign of the divinity: Oxavadakna is the sign that starts every chain. It represents the connection to all things and existence as a whole. The making of the sign marks your place in existence starting your working of magick, and calling for power from existence.  It can simply be made by placing all of your fingertips against one another well all of […]

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Arda: Xauknava

Xauknava is a mental, and spiritual state in which an individual can enter into during a fight. Xauknava is a berserk like state of mind that can be triggered within an individual. This state grants the individual benefits if they are able to enter, and control the state. It is pretty much a state in which you call upon, either voluntarily, or involuntarily, your […]

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Arda: Weak spots of the body

This is a list of points that you should be targeting with your attacks during an altercation. By striking these points you will be able to end the fight as quickly as possible by incapacitating your opponent in the most effective way. These points are not all for sport and are more for defending yourself in a real world fight, […]

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Arda: Baari

The Baari mental state is one characterized by mindfulness, equanimity, relaxed alertness, and gracefulness. Practitioners of arda enter this state at the beginning of the fight willfully through certain techniques. It is a form of mindfulness for fighting allowing the practitioner to be completely aware of their surroundings, and of their opponent. It will center, and ground the individual spiritually, while […]

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Arda: Warm-up Exercises

These are warm up exercises for the practice of arda. This list will be added to as I find more things to add to it. Meditation: Void meditation Focus meditation Journey meditation Spiritual Energy Exercises: Centering Grounding Spiritual energy ball Flexibility Training: Standing Calf Stretch with Wall – Achilles Stretch and Calf Stretch Ankle Rotation – Ankle Stretches Frankenstein Stretch […]