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Category: Arda

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Arda: Baari

The Baari mental state is one characterized by mindfulness, equanimity, relaxed alertness, and¬†gracefulness. Practitioners of arda enter this state at the beginning of the fight willfully through certain techniques. It is a form of mindfulness for fighting allowing the practitioner to be completely aware of their surroundings, and of their opponent. It will center, and ground the individual spiritually, while […]

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Arda: Warm-up Exercises

These are warm up exercises for the practice of arda. This list will be added to as I find more things to add to it. Meditation: Void meditation Focus meditation Journey meditation Spiritual Energy Exercises: Centering Grounding Spiritual energy ball Flexibility Training: Standing Calf Stretch with Wall – Achilles Stretch and Calf Stretch Ankle Rotation – Ankle Stretches Frankenstein Stretch […]