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Category: Flae

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Flae: There is much to be gained

If you pay attention real good, there is much to be gained. to remember to reclaim, there’s so much on display. the worlds not shy to demonstrate the ways and ways and ways, in which you become and unbecome again constantly arranged to fixture and form and melted away to contend with perfection. This ebb and flow is written in […]

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Flae: I know that I am here

I know that I am here. Sometimes I feel ill, sometimes I feel well. I know that I am here. Undulating like the thunder-storm clouds, awakening and dying like the earth, churning and trying with the seasons, aligning and misalignjng with my hearth. But I am always here. Realizing and unrealizing things that hurt, or work. Discovering new gems in […]

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Flae: Motionless Ramble

For those of us who have plenty of free time, sometimes (actually quite often), it ceases to feel like a luxury. Instead we scramble to fill the space with things, and duties. Sometimes if you are not wrapped up in passion, in arts or magick or ideas, it can feel like a burden. You deem yourself lazy, bored, restless, useless. […]

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Flae: The World

Our individual pace and the world’s is different. But if we were going at the pace of the world we would be The World™. But the interesting thing is: there’s no part where the world ends and we begin. We contribute to the pace of the world, because we in our beingness are a moving part of the world. If […]

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Flae: record of how blessed you are

Concept: It may come in handy to write a record of how blessed you are, more than you currently do. Write it or speak it or feel it. Notice the pieces around you that have to be in the place that they are for things to be running… Smoothly. Perceptive-ly well. If nothing? Think of the position of the earth […]

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Flae: Things to remember

[Just some opinions or understandings gained from my practice so far! Please take what you will or discard anything that does not resonate with you] ● You are always on your path  •In many ways you are creating it, guided along it, and being a witness of it at all times. But its always right there, right now, beneath your feet. […]

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Flae: You are all special beings

Concept: You are all special beings. Do you know that? You belong to this universe in a vastly peculiar way that only you, and all that you are could ever truely really know. Others may deeply partake and share the knowledge of you. Yet, you are a personal experience… and you are to be honored. Exactly as you are. Not […]