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Libratumilera: What Is Libratumilera

Libratumilera focuses on remembering, exploring, and developing the true self, and healing the mind, body, and spirit. This healthcare seeks to treat the body, mind, and spirit by helping the physical health, the mental health, the spiritual health, and environmental health of an individual. Libratumilera is focused towards healing, and because of this one should never cause pain unless the […]

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Libratumilera: Disharmonic States Within kna

Kna Overflow – Is the state of being overstimulated physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. Kna Burnout – Is the state of being burned out physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. Kna Blockage – Is a physical, mental, and/or spiritual blockage that prevent you from operating at your full capacity. Ungrounded – Is the act of not being connected to the earth, and the […]

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Libratumilera: What Is Health

In libratumilera health is defined as the state of being free from illness, or injury in a physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental way, but it is also the ability to recover, and protect against such problems in the first place. All of the different aspects of health are connected, and if one of the four healths are dysfunctional, or have […]