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Spiritual Entities: Ascended Masters

Ascended masters is an understanding from theosophy that has also been adopted by some of the new age, and neopagan movements. Ascended masters are people who reached a form of enlightenment, or ascension during their physical incarnation, and because of that have been blessed with wisdom, and knowledge. They are also sometimes referred to as Mahatmas meaning “Great Souls” in Sanskrit. Ascended masters are people who […]

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History: The Story Of Dr.John Dee

A user by the name of @therodt suggested for me write a post about John Dee. This is going to be a short bio overlooking the life of John Dee, and the work he has accomplished. Clearly this is not 100% complete for his life was very vast, and full of experiences. We are just going to be looking at the main […]

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Wolf Magick: Metals, stones, and herbs

Wolf energy is connected to, and can be harnessed through certain stones, and metals via their metaphysical properties. Learning to work with these stones and metals, and incorporating them into your practice will allow you to harness more aspects of wolf energy in your magickal practice. These items have been associated to the wolf through mental, spiritual, or physical means, and […]

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Witchcraft: Shielding

Shielding is the act of casting a wall of energy around an area in order to keep out unwanted entities and energies. This is a very important skill to understand, and learn about, so that you will be able to protect yourself from things you wish to not interact with. Two of the most popular shielding methods are casting a […]

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Witchcraft: Fundamental parts of magick

All forms of magick need 3 fundamental things in order to work. These three things are intent, will, and action. These basic understandings will allow you to manifest your desire into existence in a basic fundamental way. Intent: Intent is what you want to bring forth through your manifestation. This is your goal, and what you want to accomplish. This […]

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Terminology: Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality, and religion seem to be two things that are greatly connected though it is important to know that these are two separate Concepts that can work independently of each other or can work in Tangent. Both of these concepts highlight the understanding of finding, and experiencing your way in life, though they go about it in two separate ways. Spirituality: Spirituality is the practices, and understandings […]

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Witchcraft: The Classic Western Elements

The main 4 western classic elements were first all brought together by a philosopher named Empedocles who identified earth, water, air, and fire as properties that were the building blocks of existence. This understanding eventually went on to influence Leucippus, and Democritus to construct an understanding of atomism, which identify these elements as the smallest parts of matter, and being. […]

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Humorism: The 4 temperaments

The 4 temperaments are 4 distinct natures of behavior. These temperaments are found in the understandings of humorism, and are one of the oldest personality type systems. It was used in ancient greek medicine, and was first described by Hippocrates a greek physician who is known to be the father of western medicine. These temperaments are a way of looking […]

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Alchemy: The three philosophical principles of alchemy Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur

The three philosophical principles of alchemy also known as The three primes, or the Tria Prima is a trinity made up by sulfur, mercury, and salt. Jabir ibn Hayyan first develops the sulfur, and Mercury understanding, and then it was expanded upon by Paracelsus who identified Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt as the three bodies in which Empedocles’s four classic elements […]

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Terminology: Anima mundi

Anima mundi is the concept of a world soul which is the living being of the universe. Everything in the universe is intrinsically connected, and because of that connection they make up the larger being of the world. The anima mundi can be tapped into in order to connect with the universe, and all the constructs, and entities that are […]

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Laws of existence: Existence Laws 3

Just some more laws of understanding for existence, magick, and the universe. That I have found, and brought into my understanding. The Law of Existence: This law states that’s something exists, as opposed to nothing. It is an axiom of existence, which is an intrinsic property of existence, due to the fact that something needs to exist in order for […]

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Metaphysical properties: Natural, Associated, and Spiritual properties

There are three things that primarily make up the metaphysical properties of any construct, or entity. These are the natural, associative, and spiritual properties of any given particular being, which makes up the metaphysical properties of that being. From these three understandings of subsets of properties we understand more about the construct, or entity in question, and are also able to bring forth the understandings […]

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Philosophy: Wu Xing (The Five Phases)

Wu xing also referred to as the five elements, five phases, the five agents, the five movements, five processes, and the five stages is a concept from chinese philosophy. The five phases are used not only in philosophy but also in occultism, mysticism, traditional medicine, and martial arts, along with many other things. It is an interesting understanding to be […]

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Spiritual Practice: Body, Mind, and Spirit

The body, mind, and spirit trinity is a useful trinity for understanding existence, magick, and health, along with many other aspects of existence. These share a very interesting relationship, and effect each other in many various ways. They are not just used to explain the relationship between the states of an individuals being, but can also be used to explain the being of existence in […]

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Philosophy: The four basic qualities

The four basic qualities also referred to as the sensible qualities, and the elemental qualities are the four properties of hot, dry, cold, and wet. These understandings were used in humorism, and greek philosophy, and were also brought into occult philosophy, along with the classical four elements. Each one of these qualities has its own correspondences, that are unique to […]

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Witchcraft: Finding your element

There are four classical elements that are known to make up the world which are fire, earth, air, and water. Every person has an affinity to all of these elements, and the fifth element spirit, though there is usually an element that you work better with, and that you are more attuned to. This elemental attunement is connected to your physical, and etheric […]

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Laws of existence: Even more laws of magick

Laws of magick I have found, while learning that seem to be true, and fixed from my understanding, The authors are unknown to me, though I do feel there is wisdom in these understandings. Law of identification, or Law of imitation: This law states that an entity that imitates, or identifies as another entity will take on characteristics of that entity. […]

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Energy Work: Balancing your energetic system

Balancing your energetic system is a good thing to do every once in awhile, so that your energy can be flowing smoothly throughout your spiritual subtle bodies. This is a very simple practice that anyone can do to go over their energy field to cleanse it, and balance it in order to bring it back up to good working order. […]

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Terminology: General magick practitioner names, and titles

General names: Witch – Meaning a practitioner of witchcraft. Wicca – Meaning old English word for male practitioner of witchcraft. Wicce – Meaning old English word for female practitioner of witchcraft . Occultist – Meaning a practitioner of magick. Wizard – Meaning wise person, much like Sage, or philosopher. Sage -Meaning wise person. Wise Man – Meaning a man that […]

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Energy Work: Energy Ball

The energy ball is an energy work technique in which you make a ball of energy in between the palms of your hands. This invisible subtle energy when you make the energy ball is the basis of energy manipulation, and understanding energy for yourself. It is very simple to do, and can be done by anyone at any time, but […]

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Witchcraft: The Evil Eye, And The Malochia

The evil eye, or the malochia is a curse in which ones harmful intent is channel through there gaze Inflicting the entity on the other end with bad luck, blockages, sickness, and other misfortunes. This curse with its more self explanatory, and simple nature means that it can be done involuntarily. This allows people who don’t even believe in the […]

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Wolf Magick: basics

Intro: As you can see by my internet username (Wolf Of Antimony) the wolf is very important to me, and I have always found ways to use my spiritual connection to wolves to enhance my practice. Those wolf magick is already a concept, it is divided, and most of it is not innately usable. For humanity, and wolves have been […]

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Parapsychology: Empaths, And Empathic Energies

Empaths are people that are deeply in tune, and have the ability to feel other entities’ emotions, and mental states. Being an empath can be incredibly useful, and beneficial. Whether you are born with it, or you learn it sometimes it can, become out of control if you do not know how to work with it. Determining if you are […]

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Witchcraft: Dreams, And Their Magickal Uses

A user by the name of @damagickalblackgurl suggested to me to write about dreams, and how they can be used in our magickal practices. Dreams are powerful tools that can be used in various different ways for not only performing magick, but also learning more about ourselves from the inside. Dreams are beautiful landscapes based on the etheric plane that you can […]