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Category: Viadescioism

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Viadescioic Existentialism:

Viadescioism has the understanding and practices of existentialism, allowing the individual to search for their own subjective meaning. Life and being are most likely inherently meaningless, though they can be given meaning by yourself and others who perceive you. The inherent meaninglessness of the universe can be accepted and understood so that an individual can work with it and move […]

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Viadescioism: How To Undo A Spell

Sometimes after you cast a spell, you will wish to undo it because you do not want it to manifest into the world. Knowing how to undo spells can help you stop your and other people‚Äôs magick from taking shape in many situations. To use this information, you will need to know the fundamentals of creating your spells and rituals […]