This is a FAQ that will hopefully answer most questions folks have. We certainly get some very frequent inquiries.

Please do this before asking a question ^^ Understand it gets pretty bothersome to answer the same things again and again.

The Royal Question: How exactly do you use and charge and activate these sigils/ symbols???

Well, dear dear friend, here is the master companion post to this beautiful question:


1. Are my sigil requests, tarot readings, oracle readings, sacred path readings. cartomancy readings, runes readings, stitchomancy readings, bibliomancy readings open:

No! Not right now. You can check the status of this in the blog description.

2. What type of witch are you?

I ( Phelan or The Wolf of antimony) am a New Age Eclectic Solitaire Neo-Pagan Spiritualist, among other things, at least that’s what I would like to call it. I like to consider myself a philosopher, and have cultivated my own personal school of thought, called Viadescioism, so in that vein, I also am a Viadescioist.

(Flae to be decided , we’re working on that)

3. What zodiac sign are you?

Phelan The Wolf of antimony is a Pisces.

Flae is a Pisces…. Yep, Pisces Twins!

4. Who exactly is Phelan and why are they called wolf of antimony?

I’m Phelan 🙂 I’m the main owner of the blog. Wolf of antimony is pretty much just a self-given title my friend. Just a username that I feel represents me very well, and it’s sort of become a staple of the information that I give out at this point. I primarily call myself The Wolf of antimony, because of my very high connection with Wolves, and the fact that I’m a wolf therian, you can also see that in the name phelan meaning literally “Little Wolf”. The reason for the “of antimony” is because I am very connected to the energies of antimony also, and all the things that it stands for.

5. How do you (The Wolf Of Antimony) make your sigils?

how I make my sigils

6. Are you a Therians/otherkin/non-human?

I (Phelan The Wolf of antimony) identify as a Wolf Therian.

7. What is a sigil?

Sigils are primarily symbols that hold a specific meaning, energy, and intent. These symbols can be used in magick to manifest whatever you would like, and can be quite powerful, effective, and useful in magickal working. These symbols are usually charged with energy, and cast out into the universe, so the energy can affect the world around the practitioner. Well that’s really the gist of what a sigil is.

8. Do you have a sigil for ______?, or do you have a link to all of your sigils? :

Probably, and here’s a link my friend to all of my sigils:

9. What is a name sigil exactly?:

Names sigils are sigils made from and representing the energies of the, person, place, thing, and/or name it was created from. Here is a post I made a while back about it.

Name sigils

10. What information do you need for a reading?

All I really truly need is a question for a reading my friend though people do like to give me extra information, but it is not necessary. It does make the interpretation process easier though my friend.

11. What are the Ravens of antimony?

They are my alphabet of Desire, and can be learned more about here my friends. Here is some more information about them!

12 Oknao

36 Akna / Ravens

Ravens of antimony

What is the significance, or relevance of the circle of symbols always featured outside my sigils?

It is known as the Raven’s Nest my friend, and here is a link to teach you more about it:

Ravens Nest

12. What is that symbol in your profile picture?

It’s is the Antimony, Stibium, and/or Stibnite alchemical symbol. I do usually use it to represent me being Phelan.

13. Do the colors mean anything in particular on your sigils?

The colors I put on the sigils are the colors that best represent the energy of the sigil. they’re also strategically placed in the background to mimic the flow of the energy. That is all that they pretty much represent.