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Religion: List Of Different Theistic Doctrines

This is a list of multiple theisms which are different doctrines, and philosophies that pertain to deity. If there are any theisms that I missed, or misrepresented please tell me, and I will add them to the list. Theism: Theism is the belief in some form of deity. Monotheism: Monotheism is the belief in only one deity. Ditheism: Ditheism is […]

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Meditation: Shape-Shifting Meditation

This is a form of mental shape-shifting that will help you to transform into your mental form you wish to take, whatever that may be. Shape-shifting meditation is a form of meditation in which you go on to the mental scape in your mind, and take on the form of something else, usually an animal, or mythical creature. By doing this you can learn […]

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Wolf Magick: Four Wolves

In wolf magick there are four main types of wolves these are the black wolf, the white wolf, the gray wolf, and the brown wolf. These four wolves have different metaphysical properties that can help with your magical practice, if you take the time to invoke them in specific situations. The energy of these four wolves will come to you, and will be able […]

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Viadescioism: What is a soul

Introduction: Many different people have philosophized about the soul, and the role that it plays in all of us. The concept of the soul has been defined, redefined, and changed multiple times throughout history by many different parties, groups, religions, and belief systems. People have believed in it, and people have denied its existence. Making it very hard to pin […]

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Sigil Magick: Word Sigil Method

This sigil making method is one of the most common ones that is used in modern sigilization practices. The first thing that you are going to need in order to create a sigil using this method is a statement of intent. A statement of intent is a statement that tells exactly what you want to manifest. These statements of intent […]

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Sigil Magick: Eyes Closed Sigil Method

The eyes closed sigil method is a method in which a practitioner will take a writing utensil, and a piece of paper close their eyes, and randomly strike at the paper until a Sigil is created. During this process the practitioner should envision their desire, or their statement of intent deeply in their head, so that it will imprint upon the sigil. […]

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Sigil Magick: Automatic Writing Sigil Method

This is the sigil method in which you use automatic writing in order to create a unique sigil that you can charge, and activate in order to send out your desire into the universe. Automatic writing is the act of channeling the universe, your higher self, or some other entity, so that it can pass down information in writing, or drawings. […]

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Witchcraft: Types Of Witches

This is a post on the many different types of witches. Due to the fact there are so many different types of them, I probably missed a couple, and this list isn’t complete. You do not have to be only one type of these witches, but can be a multitude of them, and you do not have to feel limited […]

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Spirit work: Types of Personal Spirit Guides

The 3 Main Types of Personal Spirit Guides: These are the four main types of personal spirit guides which split spirit guides up into 3 categories based on the relationship of when, and how you came in contact with them. Soul Guide: A soul guide is a guide that has been your guide in another or multiple incarnations. They probably met up with you […]

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Sigil Magick: Body Sigils

There are many different ways in order to use sigils, but one of those ways is drawing the Sigil upon your body. By doing this you allow the sigil to always be with you, and to allow it’s magick to work and help you get to your desire on a very personal level. Any type of written sigil can be put on […]

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Sigil Magick: 5 Types Of Sigils

Desire Sigils: A desire sigil is a sigil that’s intention is based around a desire. These are one of the most common forms of sigils, and are used by practitioners to manifest their desires upon the universe. To make a desire sigil you will use a statement of intent that explains what you want to happen, so that it can push you towards […]

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Sigil Magick: Sigil Matrices

A sigil matrix is a network of linking sigils that are connected together to create a form of spiritual perimeter in which will be able to be influenced, and controlled by the practitioner. The practitioner will be able to control the sigil matrix by interacting with the collection of linking sigils usually laid out in a chaos sphere, or other […]

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Sigil Magick: Sigil Altars

Is an altar that is used in the casting of sigils. This will be the place in witch you will charge, and activate alot of your sigils. This will be a place to keep sigil journals, notes on your alphabet of desire, linking sigils, sigil matrices, and many other things relating to your sigil practice. On your sigil altar you […]

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Sigil Magick: Inverted Sigil

By taking a sigil, and inverting in it you will also be able to change the sigil’s energies, and intention into the opposite, exalted, and/or recessive version of itself. When a construct, becomes inverted their meaning also changes in our mental subconsciousness, and in the metaphysical properties of the symbol. This will result usually in an energy, and intention that is close to the original […]

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Sigil Magick: Sigil Triggers

Sigil triggers are specific instructions that cause the sigil to activate. These instructions can be programmed into passive sigils, and will be used to trigger the activation of a sigil, when you are ready to use it. These can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to make more dynamic sigils. In order to set a trigger upon a sigil you can work the trigger into […]

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Sigil Magick: Sigil Placement

Sigil placement is important for passive sigils to work effectively, and practically. Depending upon where these sigils are place can determine the sigil surroundings, what the sigil is going to be affecting, Sigil triggers, and charging methods for the sigil. This should be taken into consideration in order for your sigil to work at its maximum potential. These passive sigils should usually be kept […]

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Sigil Magick: Ways to activate a sigil

After you are done charging, and filling your sigil with your intent you must go through the process of activating it. Activation is the process of firing your sigil into the universe along with the act of allowing the sigil to work in your subconscious. There are two types of ways to activate your sigil. These two types of ways are passive, and […]

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Sigil Magick: Ways to charge a sigil

After you have used one of the sigil methods to create a sigil that encompasses your desire or purpose you need to charge it in order to fill it with energy, while simultaneously thrusting it into the back of your subconscious. In order to charge a sigil one must do an act in order to give energy, and focus to the sigil in […]

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Sigil Magick: Verbal sigils

Verbal sigils also known as mantrical sigils are phrases of intent scrambled together in order to make a chant, or mantra that can be said as an affirmation. These verbal sigils work just like other forms of sigils, and will draw your desire to you through the act of sending your will out into the universe, and by implanting it deep within your subconscious to act in the […]

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Energy Work: Energy System Of The Arms, and Hands

The energy centers in your arms are one of the most important secondary parts of our energy system. These centers are said to be extensions of your energetic heart center, allowing you to interact with the world through your spiritual connection, because of this all of them are very well connected to love, communication, connection, and healing. They’re wonderful centers […]

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Witchcraft: Magickal Names

The magickal name is a concept in which a practitioner comes up with, or receives a name in which they will use when they are interacting with their practice, or craft. These names can be anything but usually have a lot of meaning to them, and are very personal to the practitioner who owns the name. These names are also […]

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Energy Work: Energy Ball

The energy ball is an energy work technique in which you make a ball of energy in between the palms of your hands. This invisible subtle energy when you make the energy ball is the basis of energy manipulation, and understanding energy for yourself. It is very simple to do, and can be done by anyone at any time, but […]