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The Elements of Viadescioism: Philosophia, and Eudaimonia | Najaar, and Umao:

12:1 Najaar is the strive for knowledge, and Umao is the strive for wellness. 12:2 Najaar is looking for truth, it is characterized by understandings of reason, logic, wisdom, intelligence, curiosity, open-mindedness, and objectiveness. 12:3 Strive for truth, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to break the chains of ignorance 12:4 An individual should never stop learning, and should always look for […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Magick|Knaxaja

9:1 The intention is the direction. 9:2 Constructs will always be manifested through the path of least resistance, unless intended to take a different route. 9:3 Wherever one focuses one’s mind with intense thought, and with a certain intention or desire in mind, one transmits will that resonates with those intentions to it. 9:4 The will is the power. 9:5 […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Energy|Kna

8:1 Kna is the substance that makes up all. 8:2 It is physical, mental, and spiritual. 8:3 Kna vibrates at different frequencies which determine what it is. 8:4 Physical matter is Kna that vibrates at a very low frequency, while other forms of spiritual, and transcendent Kna vibrates at a much higher frequency. 8:5 Kna cannot be created, or destroyed, […]

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Magick: Book Recommendation

Anytime I find books that I recommend I will post them here: Liber null & psychonaut by Peter J Carrol Liber Kaos by Peter J Carrol Practical Sigil Magic by Frater U.D Sigil Witchery: A Witch’s Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols by Laura Tempest Zakroff The Temple of Witchcraft Book Series by Christopher Penczak Three books of occult philosophy by […]

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FAQ: 1

This is a FAQ that will hopefully answer most questions folks have. We certainly get some very frequent inquiries. Please do this before asking a question ^^ Understand it gets pretty bothersome to answer the same things again and again. Q: The Royal Question: How exactly do you use and charge and activate these sigils/ symbols? A: Well, dear dear friend, here is the master companion […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Divine laws|Obakna

7:1 From the Divine come the Obakna. 7:2 Oxakna is all-encompassing, and everything is of it. 7:3 Everything is interrelated, and interdependent. 7:4 Everything is alive, and has a spirit. 7:5 Everything is made of kna. 7:6 Truth exists. 7:7 All that exists, exists with truth. 7:8 Whatever is, is 7:9 Nothing can both be, and not be. 7:10 Everything […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Andros, Sophizo, Iaomai, and Pharmakeia | Uknayamasa, Naknayamasa, Shaknayamasa, and Daknayamasa

6:1 Uknayamasa is the divine emanation of fire, He is like the warrior, he is strong, powerful, and fearless. 6:2 You are able to find Uknayamasa in all forms of fire. 6:3 Uknayamasa is the first born, and he is the essence. 6:4 Naknayamasa is the divine emanation of Air, He is like the philosopher, he is knowledgeable, and rational. 6:5 You […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Ouranios, Agora, and Chthonic Ethos | The Madaqa, Ladaqa, and Sadaqa:

5:1 Madaqa, Ladaqa, and Sadaqa are the divine essences of specific spaces with an existence. 5:2 They are used as canvases for the tools of creation, and destruction to manifest everything. 5:3 The Madaqa is the higher divine aspects of existence that make up all of the spiritual, energetic, and higher vibrational parts of existence. 5:4 The Ladaqa is the middle divine […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Theós, and Theá | Damakna, and Dasakna

4:1 Balance is essential, and Damakna, and Dasakna are the first principles of balance, and are the dualistic nature of existence. 4:2 They are present within everything, but are relative, being observed best with an opposites. 4:3 They both attract more of themselves, but Damakna does attracts Dasakna, and Dasakna does attracts Damakna, and they are in a constant dance throughout existence. 4:4 […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Genesis|Oxakna

3:1 It is known by many names, but we refer to it as Oxakna. 3:2 The source of everything is Oxakna, it is the monadic nature of the universe, and is the divine oneness of all. 3:3 It has always existed, and will never be destroyed. 3:4 It encapsulates, and interpenetrates everything. 3:5 It is the thing that everything is […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Tetractys|Xalaqa

2:1 Divinity is portrayed through the shape of Xalaqa, the triangle of 10 points which communicates existence through its geometry. 2:2 It has 10 points, 4 levels, 3 areas, and 18 paths. 2:3 The top point is the monad. 2:4 The two points beneath the monad is the dyad. 2:5 The three points beneath the dyad is the triad. 2:6 […]

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Spirituality: Personal spiritual practice

Introduction: There are many ways to go about creating your own personal spiritual practice. One that is completely unique to you, even though it may share elements with the practices of others. Making a personal spiritual practice allows you to start from scratch, and create your own spiritual tradition on what you believe, and have come to know to be true. If you have […]

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Magick: Guide To learning

This post is not entirely completed but it is a rough outline of how I would go about setting up this system. It will be added to as I find more information. This is a general guide for magick based on my understandings and practices and what I have found to be helpful at each level of development. This scale starts at absolute […]

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Wiccan: Wiccan Traditions

This is not a complete list, and more will get added as I find them. Gardnerian Wicca – 1954 Alexandrian Wicca – 1960s Central Valley Wicca – 1960s Universal Eclectic Wicca – 1969 Georgian Wicca – 1970 Odyssean Wicca – 1970s Dianic Wicca – 1970s Blue Star Wicca – 1970s Algard Wicca – 1972 Seax-Wica – 1973 Chthonioi Alexandrian Wicca […]

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Magick: Types of magick list

Thaumaturgy/Theurgy magick classification: Thaumaturgy, Low Magick, or Lesser Magick Theurgy, High Magick, or Greater Magick Right/Left magick classification: Right Hand Magick Left Hand Magick Active/Passive magick classification: Active Magick Passive Magick Ceremonial/Folk magick classification: Ceremonial Magick Folk Magick Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa magick classification: Elemental magick Celestial magick Intellectual magick Color magick classification: Black Magick White Magick Gray Magick Advance color magick […]

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Witchcraft: “Can males be witches?”

The answer is yes males can be witches. A witch is a person who practices the act of witchcraft, and because of this a male can identify, and practice as a witch. Though the idea of witches has been portrayed in popular culture specifically as a female practice, it is also important to remember that male practitioners have always also […]

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Magick: Religion, Philosophy, and Magick Timeline

This is not a complete list, and if you have any more important dates I would love to hear them. Ancient Age: 9130 – 7370 BC Gobekli Tepe, the oldest site of worship in turkey. 7500 – 5700 BC The settlements of Catalhoyuk, worship in communal shrines. 7000 – 3200 BC Ancient Greek religion. 6,000 BC Ayurvedic begins as an oral tradition. 2400 […]

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Religion: Timeline

This list is continuously updating, and some of the things may not be in the right dates. If you don’t see something that’s supposed to be on this list comment about it. 3500 BC Mesopotamian religion 3300–1200 BC Canaanite religion 3000 BC Egyptian religion 2300 – 1500 B.C BC Hinduism 1917 BC Bön Religion 1812 – 700 BC Judaism 1353 […]

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Spirit Work: Bestiary

This is a list of spirit species in which I believe in, and is based on how I choose to categorize entities. This is not a complete list, and will change with time. Nature Spirits: Nature Spirits are spiritual entities that are connected to spiritual aspects of nature. These entities are usually greatly connected to what they are the spirit of, and […]

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Viadescioism: Yamasala, and Vaarla

Anyone is able to become a Yamasala, or Vaarla regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, gender, age, or species, or any other thing. Yamasala: Beings that are connected to divinity which is the essence of Oxakna, and have realize there Xaoxa are known as the Yamasala. The divinity of Oxakna is exalted within the Yamasala, and this connection is used to […]

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Viadescioism: Some of the basic elements

Viadescioism (pronounced v-ah-de-shi-oh-ism) is a philosophy, and religion based off the understandings of The Wolf of Antimony. Viadescioism was officially created by The Wolf of Antimony on December 10th 2017.  Etymology: The word viadescioism comes from the latin word “via” meaning road, way, highway, or path, the Latin word “de” meaning “of” , and the Latin word “scio” meaning knowledge, […]

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Products, and services

Custom sigil commissions: All my custom sigils are $6, and can be for any form of intention you would like them to have crafted by my style, and practice. Feel free to message me at my email at, or in my direct messages with questions, or to place an order. Divination Reading: Raven of antimony Nomancy = $5.00: By […]

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Libratumilera: Parts of the soul (Skaknao)

The soul (Skaknao) is every part of ourselves. The soul has three parts known as the body, mind, and spirit. All of the parts of the soul work together to form an individual, and all of these systems impact each other. These lists are not all-encompassing, and if you have anything to add feel free to tell me about it. Body: […]

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Libratumilera: Spiritual Illnesses

This is a list of spiritual illnesses in which an individual can experience that are based on some form of spiritual aspect of existence. This list is not all-encompassing, and if you have anything to add feel free to tell me about it. Energetic Overflow – Is the act of having too much spiritual energy within an individual’s spiritual body. […]