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Viadescioism: Joining Viadescioism, or incorporating its understandings

Anyone is able to go through the process of joining Viadescioism by simply referring to themselves as a Viadescioist and by taking on the understandings of Viadescioism. Primarily the main understandings of the practice that all practitioners have in common are The 10 divines, The 10 virtues, and the Divinity of the individual. These understandings can also be incorporated into […]

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Viadescioism: Viadescioic Daknaca (Stone Circle)

The Viadescioic stone circle is a physical sacred space making ritual in which a Viadescioist sets up Sacred Space by placing rocks around themself in a circle. In this ritual 10 Stones are used to represent the ten divines, and 10 virtues of Viadescioism and are placed in a circle along with other stones in which represents other aspects of an individual’s practice and divinity. Any number […]

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Viadescioism: Skadayamasa meditation

This meditation brings you closer to the Divines into your divine nature. It helps you to connect with the divines and to call down the essence of Oxakna. You and the Divine connect for a moment so that you can meditate with your Divine self and become more of it. It represents death and rebirth and is a sort of […]

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Viadescioism: Knala (Conduits)

Viadescioism does not make shrines or altars to the divines. We work with places in which we call a conduit or a Knala. These are places in which have high amounts of divine energy that are connected to a specific divine. These places can be constructed, or they can be found out in nature. These places allow you to bring in […]

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Viadescioism: Kana

Kana are symbolic patterns that are used in the practices of Viadescioism. This understanding is close to the understanding of sigil magick, but it more focuses on an aesthetic pattern that is used in Viadescioic works in order to move energy around them. There is an infinite number of kana, and each one represents a different form of energy flow. […]

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Grabovoi Grigori Numbers

“Hey! I heard a lot about grabovoi(sorry if I spelt it wrong) codes. Could anyone tell me about them and tell me if they works? Today was the first day I’ve heard of it and It seems cool. It’s popular among shifters and I think on tiktok and I know tiktok isn’t rlly trustworthy when it comes to that information […]

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Occulthowl: Truly came into my own spirituality

It was not until I created my own religion, and philosophy that I truly came into my own spirituality, and understanding of mysticism. From there I could use my own understanding of the world in order to influence my magick in a personal way. It also allowed me for the first time after coming out from Christianity to be able […]

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Occulthowl: Practice for granted

I must remember not to take my practice for granted. I have researched in practice for 12 years so far and most of that time was under the persecution of my family. I truly have only been able to fully openly practice for about a year now.  And, now that I’m free. Free from the passive aggressive comments. Free from the book […]

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Occulthowl: Eyes on my own paper

I used to focus so much on other people’s practices. Their definitions, their understandings, and their way of being. Foolish me, trying to bend their way into my way. I learned a lot more when I finally calmed down, and was able to fully learn and understand their way, and how they came to that conclusion And, I may of […]

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Occulthowl: Dual nature

So the reason that I changed my icon from the simple white and blue to the one with a half red and black is because it is used to symbolize what I’m feeling in my mental state presently. I feel my mental state is worsening, and I’m a little bit more unstable than I used to be. Because of this I feel […]

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Arda: Arkadala (Eternal Dance Meditation)

In order to do this all you are going to need to do is to move your body more so in a dancing matter, while visualizing your intention, and keeping that intention in your mind as you move. During this process you may want to close your eyes, so you can focus harder on what is going on within you, […]

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Viadescioism: Howl of Time And Space

Separated out from nothing.Always existing.The natural world stirring,Flowing like water together. Moving, changing, being as it is.Dust flying through space,Giving birth to new giants. The dancing of the universe,Pushing and pulling.Free to do, free to be,Free to do as it pleases. The changing of being.Freeing their forms.Bringing balance to chaos.Within this dark storm. Striving and weaving.The chords of us.Shaping and […]

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Viadescioism: The first forms:

The first forms are the first constructs that are created from the combinations of the elements. These are not to be taken literally and are more a philosophical framework. Fire: Lightning | Fire and Air Steam | Fire and Water Lava | Fire and Earth Air: Lightning | Air and Fire Ice  | Air and Water Sand | Air and […]

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Viadescioic Magick: Viadescioic Chants

Viadescioic Chants are Chants made using the Ravens of antimony. They’re primarily used by chanting them multiple times in order to focus one’s mind and energy upon a specific desire or effect, while also invoking the Ravens to bring that desire or effect about. There is no minimum or maximum amount you must chant them but the more that you […]

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Metaphysical properties of antimony upright and inverted

Metaphysical properties of antimony: The spirit of the Wolf Intelligence Creativity Spiritual Growth Adaptability Wisdom Strength Introspection Sharing understandings between people Getting rid of bad habits and old limiting behaviors Cutting Through Illusion Psychic Enhancement Transmutation Transformation Enlightenment Ascendants Exploration Realization Wealth Power Animal Tendencies Protection Grounding Cleansing Purification Manifesting Free spirit Inverted metaphysical properties of antimony: The Unknown Corruption […]

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Viadescioic Magick: Invocation of the divine corners

In the first Direction make Daknavadakna (the sign of earth) and say “Daknayamasa” then visualize earth. Turn right, and make Shaknavadakna (the sign of water) and say “Shaknayamasa” then visualize water. Turn right, and make Naknavadakna (the sign of air) and say “Naknayamasa” then visualize air. Turn right, and make  Uknavadakna (the sign of fire) and say “Uknayamasa” then visualize […]

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Viadescioism: Dasalamaxa

Dasalamaxa | Noun A sentimental longing, or wistful affection for spiritual, or religious awe-inspiring respect mixed with fear, or wonder, which is present within all aspects of the world especially in places of nature, or that have spiritual significance, and their state of being throughout time.

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Neopraxism not to be confused with “praxism” or “isopraxism” is the practice of creating a new practice that is different than other established traditions. I created the term Neopraxism in order to represent my practice Viadescioism, and other practices that were like it. Neopraxism is a combination of “Neo” meaning new, “praxi” meaning practice, and “ism” meaning a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy. Rather than being a traditional, […]

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Magick: Not being able to visualize, or aphantasia

Throughout my practice I have interacted with many people who have not been able to visualize, or have told me that they had aphantasia. From what I have found the way to get around using visualization is to simply think and will in your mind what you would like to happen. You would even be able to go through the process of speaking […]

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I have heard that some people believe that the Lovecraftian “Mythos” hold much literal truth about a new pantheon of deities, do you think that those entities might exist? Or have you heard of such beliefs?

Personally I do not believe at least from the experiences, and which I have had that the Lovecraftian mythos was an already existing pantheon, or group of entities before the writings of lovecraft. I see it as a form of Pop Culture paganism when people choose to bring and work with The Entity is from that Mythos, and from my […]

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Ways to go about practicing while hiding your craft

There’s many ways to go about practicing while hiding your craft, though you will probably have to shape your craft around things that are less noticeable. Because, of being hidden, you will not be able to have much tools, so you will have to figure out how to improvise, so that you will still be able to practice, while also not being found […]

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How many types of witches can you be?

You could simply be one type, or you could be all of them my friend (except for the ones that kind of negate each other). These witch types are not concrete separations that you have to conform to, but are instead ways of showing what you work with, or things that you would be interested in working with you could be one of them, […]