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Tag: Astral Projection

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Magick: Astral Projection; What is the point? Why go to different planes? What kind of works or understanding could be done/gained there?

From experiencing the other planes of existence as you can learn and experience a multitude of different things, Such as: You are able to communicate with ascended masters, spirit guides, deities, ancestors, and loved ones who have passed over. You are able to meet new spiritual entities, that you may be able to work with. You are able to create an […]

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Terminology: Astral projection VS astral travel: The difference between astral projection, and astral travel

These two practices are very similar at first glance, but the differences between these two practices has to do with how you go about interacting with the astral plane of existence. This will not be a super expensive look, but will provide some Basics on the differences. Astral projection: Astral projection is the act of literally projecting your astral body […]

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Witchcraft: Dreams, And Their Magickal Uses

Dreams are powerful tools that can be used in various different ways for not only performing magick, but also learning more about ourselves from the inside. Dreams are beautiful landscapes based in the mental that you can experience when you are sleeping. It is your spirits way of continuing it’s awareness while your body is at rest. Since your dreams […]