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Tag: Divination

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Muscle Testing

Introduction : Muscle testing is a way of using your body in order to divine through the use of your muscles in order to find answers to questions you have. It is like using your body as a pendulum in order to interpret answers that you may be getting from Source, or other entities. This can be incredibly helpful when […]

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The pendulum is a very interesting esoteric tool that can be used for divination, and dowsing, along with many other things. This tool consists of a string, and a heavy object at the very bottom of it which is held in the air, and asked questions in order to divine. These pendulums can be made out of almost anything, and […]

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Stitchomancy, and Bibliomancy

Stitchomancy, and bibliomancy are two forms of divination that are done through literature. Stitchomancy being divination through the use of all books, and bibliomancy being a subset of Stitchomancy that works through the use of a holy, religious, or sacred book. The books that are usually used for bibliomancy are the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah, the Iliad, the Odyssey, […]

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Shufflemancy is a type of divination that works by receiving messages in the forms of songs in a playlist. In this form of divination the practitioner will ask a question, or for guidance, and then activate shuffle in a playlist of some type. This playlist will then begin to play a song and from the song the practitioner will get […]