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Witchcraft: The Classic Western Elements

The main 4 western classic elements were first all brought together by a philosopher named Empedocles who identified earth, water, air, and fire as properties that were the building blocks of existence. This understanding eventually went on to influence Leucippus, and Democritus to construct an understanding of atomism, which identify these elements as the smallest parts of matter, and being. […]

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Witchcraft: Finding your element

There are four classical elements that are known to make up the world which are fire, earth, air, and water. Every person has an affinity to all of these elements, and the fifth element spirit, though there is usually an element that you work better with, and that you are more attuned to. This elemental attunement is connected to your physical, and etheric […]

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Witchcraft: Elemental Metaphysical Correspondences

The energies of the elements have many different metaphysical correspondences that can be invoked through working with those elements. By bringing fire, water, air, and earth energies into certain situations you will be able to strengthen aspects of that situation by allowing the elements to be present. This can be good to empower yourself ,or you’re working when you need […]