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Tag: Energy Work

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Viadescioic Wolf Magick: Wolf Kna

When we call upon the kna of the wolf we are not calling upon the kna of a single wolf, but on the collective skaknao of  the wolves. This collective skaknao of the wolf can bring certain energies, and attributes of the wolf into our practice in order to enhance it. In order to call upon this kna, and invoke […]

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Viadescioism: Empowerment for the day

In the practice of Viadescioism a Viadescioist can start their routine for the day by using this invocation. The practitioner would simply go through the process of making the Divine hand sign of Oxavadakna which is made by placing all of your fingertips against one another well all of your fingers are separated much like you are holding a ball. […]

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Viadescioism: Festival

The four corners of time: Shanaknada | Spring Equinox Skanaknada | Summer Solstice Ardnaknada | Autumn Equinox Abtnaknada | Winter Solstice The Moons: Wasaknada | January Full moon Usaknada | February Full moon Knasaknada | March Full moon Shasaknada |  April moon Skasaodakna | May moon Dasaknada | June moon Vasaknada | July moon Isaknada | August moon Thasaknada | October moon […]