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Void Meditation

Void meditation is a basic meditation with a lot to offer. Void meditation is the meditation where you calm your mind, and think of absolutely nothing. This is the first meditation I usually hear people say they did for their first meditation ever. Though it sounds simple in nature it is actually quite complex. People spend years trying to quiet their […]

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Focal Meditation

Focal meditation is another simple meditation with a lot to teach you. Focal meditation is like void meditation. They both teach willpower, control, focus, and intent, but focal meditation can give you insight into objects, people, ideas, and situations. Focal meditation is went you pick one thing to focus on for the whole meditation. Sitting, and focusing on one subject […]

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Problems, And Solutions For People Who Can’t Meditate

Meditation is a skill that has a wide range of uses for beginners, and the well-established practitioner. This is a fundamental skill that is meant to be built upon, and used along the practitioners path, but for some reason, or another some people struggle profusely with trying to meditate. This can be for a plethora of different reasons, and with […]