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Tag: Moon Magick

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Witchcraft: The full moons, and their metaphysical properties

Full Moon of January: The energies of the wolf moon (Wasaodakna): The Wolf Expression Pathfinding Communication New Beginnings Renewal Loyalty Survival Hard work Spirit work Determination Protection Endurance Creativity Strength Overcoming Obstacles Home Family Caring Self care Strength Full Moon of February: The energies of the Snow Moon (Usaodakna): Planning Purification Initiation Cleanse Property Growth Healing Self-love Forgiveness Future plans […]

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Astrology: Moon Phases

The different lunar phases bring us different energies in which we can work within our magick. by working under these different phases you will incorporate that energy into your practice. This can add the importance of timing to your rituals giving them more power supplied from the aspects of the moon. New moon: New moon also known as the dark […]