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Viadescioic Magick: Divine realms

As the divines of Viadescioism are aspects of existence each individual one of them has their own sort of pure domain within it. I refer to these as the divine realms. Realms meaning places within existence, and divines referring to the yamasa ona the divinities of my practice. These divine realms are found within an individual, or can also be found in knala ona of nature which can be found […]

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A response to someone on Tumblr

Challenge accepted for answering all of them. My answers won’t be too complex because of that, but this should definitely be a test of what I know.  Let’s see if I get to keep my witchcraft certification. 1)What’s the difference between a Wiccan, a witch, and a pagan? (I think I know this one, but I want to be sure!) […]