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Tag: Planes Of Existences

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Dimensions, Planes Of Existences, Realms, and Universes:

Dimensions: A dimension is a quantitative measurement that can communicate the position of a construct within a particular area of existence. Specific dimensions such as the 3rd, or 4th dimension uses the number to represent ¬†minimal number of parameters needed to describe the space. These type of dimensional parameters would be things such as X, Y, Z, and time. Examples […]

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Planes Of Existence

This is a reconstruction on one of my earlier post, because I feel like I may have new information on this subject. This is a post that will be going over the different planes of existences, along with setting up a universal map that will show the planes of existence is in relation to each other. There are many different […]

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The 10 Dimensions

Introduction : There are 10 known dimensions that make up our universe. These dimensions are not planes of existences, or realms, but much rather a minimal number of parameters needed to describe the space. Though the planes of existence are very interwoven with the dimensions, they are not one in the same. To learn more about planes of existence see […]

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The Planes Of Existences

Outdated¬†as of 12/9/2017 The planes of existences are different milestones of existence that change with the vibration of the energetic frequency of the entity that is trying to perceive such planes. These milestones can be separated out usually into 7 main planes of existence, but there has been known to be subsets of planes with their own purposes. These planes […]