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Tag: Sigil Magick

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Sigil Magick: How to construct an alphabet of desire, or alphabet of binding

Going through the process of constructing an alphabet of desire, or alphabet of binding can be a very personal experience for the practitioner, and will result in many different styles of alphabets that will be very individualized. These are alphabets that are connected to the practitioners work, and our tools that that practitioner, and others can call upon, and use […]

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Arskasao Tailsmans

Arskasao Tailsman for warding and shielding Arskasao Tailsman for love and abundance Arskasao Tailsman for money Arskasao Tailsman for psychic awareness and spiritual growth Arskasao Tailsman are strings of sigils from my alphabet of Desire the ravens of antimony that can be charged, and activated in the same way as normal sigils.

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Sigil Magick: What Are Sigils

The word sigil comes from the Latin word “Sigillum” which was defined as a seal, or signet. It also may have been connected to the Hebrew word סגולה (segula) meaing charm, or tailsman. The way that I would define a sigil in a magickal sense of the word is a symbol that represents an intent, construct, or entity. They are […]