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Sigil magick: Custom sigil Commissions

Custom sigil commissions: Sigils are a powerful magickal tool, and are symbols that represent an intent, construct, or entity that can be used in order to help you manifest your desires into the universe. All custom sigils are $3, and can be for any form of intention. Feel free to DM at @wolfofantimony, or feel free to message me at […]

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Ravens of antimony: Phonemes, and Pronunciation

LUST: Grapheme: (E) Pronunciation: [eh] IPA: /ɛ/ As the “e” in “met.” PASSION : Grapheme: (U) Pronunciation: [oo] IPA: /u/ As the “oo” in “boot.” DEVOTION: Grapheme: (Æ), or (A’) Pronunciation: [ay] IPA: /e/ As the “ay” in “may” PREJUDICE: Grapheme: (TA) Pronunciation: [tah] IPA: /tɑ/ As the “tɑ” in “taco” ANGER: Grapheme: (HA) Pronunciation: [hah] IPA: /hɑ/ As the “ho” […]

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Ravens Of Antimony: Color Correspondences

The energies of these colors work with the ravens of antimony and the Akna Ona that they represent. You will be able to use these colors in order to connect with each individual raven, and Akna Ona in order to facilitate a connection with their energies. Color Correspondences: LOVE AKNA ONA  | Pink LUST | E | Puce #722F37 PASSION | […]

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Sigil magick: How long do sigils work for?

Sigils work as long as they still have the power to work from their charging process, and are presently activated. Different sigil intentions will use different amounts of power allowing the charge to run out at different times, so there is not a universal amount of time they will work for. Some sigils may even recharge themselves allowing them to […]

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Sigils Magick: Using sigils in the mind

Focusing on a sigil in your mind’s eye will bring a mental form of that sigil into your immediate environment, so that you can use it in your practice to act out your desires. This can be useful so that you will be able to use sigils even when you do not have tools to make it physically. This would […]

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Sigil Maigck: How to undo sigils

Sometimes after you go through the process of casting a sigil you may want to know how to undo it in order to nullify the effects that it is giving off. In order to go through this process you can do one of two things you can: Destroy the sigil, and allow its energy, and intention to run its course, […]

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Sigil Maigck: Theories of sigil magick

Sigil magick is primarily understood from 3 different theories of understanding, these theories being the way of understanding how sigils are able to manifest. Practitioners will usually work with one of these theories, and will understand sigil magick from that point of view. From what I understand all of these theories are legitimate, and should not be looked at separately, […]

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Using your sigils, vs other people’s sigils

Sigils created by yourself, and sigils that were created by others have the same magickal manifestation potential, no matter who decides to use them. Using a sigil that you did not create does not take away any power away from your manifestation, but the power for your manifestation, and the sigil representation you focus on to represent this desire may […]

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Opening sigil, and reading commissions

I will be opening up sigil, and reading commissions. I will be offering divination readings from the rider waite tarot deck, and the ravens of antimony oracle deck. Sigil commissions will be made in my present style. Prices will be below, and payment will be send over PayPal. Sigil commission prices: Sigil = $3.00 Reading commissions prices: 1 card  = […]

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Nomancy using ravens of antimony

I have noticed in the practice, and study of my alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony that by going to the process of writing one’s name in the ravens, those ravens will be able to tell you a little bit about the nature of that person based on the ravens that appear, and in what order. The energies of […]